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im not orthodox but still enjoy this very much
Being someone in search of the True Church, I feel these podcasts are truly a gift to those in search on further clarity of the Orthodox Church. Thank you Steve and Bill for your time and energy in assisting us newbies in our journey.
I first listened to most of the shows about 2 years ago. Now that I have found them thru the old iPod it's time for round 2. Great info especially if you are a seeker or just new to the Church. May God bless all who make this podcast possible and all who listen!
Im very thankful for your podcast! Wish you would continue to produce more
I am a lifelong evangelical who is becoming Orthodox. I have learned so much from this podcast show. The hosts have such a gracious and friendly approach, yet at the same time uncompromising in their message. I have learned so much listening to them.
I've been Orthodox for 10 years and I've learned a lot listening to Steve and Bill. They have brought scripture alive in a way I've not thought about since I'm still growing in my faith as all are. Steve and Bill have a way of making me think and help me draw closer to God. Love listening to them over and over.
Fascinating and personable... The depth of these discussions, the warmth, charm and wit of the authors have held me enthralled, amused, amazed and more intrigued by religious discourse (though always fascinated by the spiritual, not always found on the same page) than I have ever been. Not presented in the form of scholarly lectures (and liberally imbued with colloquialisms, my count of “unpack this” is about 12, 000, just kidding... and assessments of protestant thought and reaction that I cannot relate to, though raised there, either they were very relaxed Lutherans or I wasn’t really listening) they explore Orthodoxy with sagacity, practicality and keen intellectual intensity assuaged by their easy manners. I only wish I could figure out how to move the earlier recordings to my ipod. I await more podcasts, patiently, unwilling to prod or push, knowing it would be unmannerly.... but waiting... .... .... ... Thank you Steve and Bill.
thanks to these two, orthodoxy doesn't seem so overwhelming. I have been trying to find material that goes over orthodoxy equal to a "how to for dummie's", and steve and bill explain it simply and thoroughly. kudos to OLIC and keep the podcasts coming!
Enjoyed the podcasts. I'm waiting for more to be posted! Peace! Wade+