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I love this podcast and I would recommend it highly. I realize that there are two ways to pay to produce these podcasts, commercials or subscriptions. I will never pay for a subscription so I am fully accepting that some commercials are necessary. However, this podcast has more commercials than the Super Bowl.
Just the material needed in these lying times. Truth according to what actually happens, not convenient spinning of manipulations.
Tim is a wonderful storyteller and the production value of this podcast is simply unrivaled. Thanks for making this!
I have listened to a lot of podcasts and this is the best. I also love D&D it is so fun!!
This isn’t like every other podcast out there. This is actually satisfying my curiosity, while learning something new & being entertained. Thanks for making this show! I’m loving it!
Just listened to the episode on the conspiracy theorist who changed his mind. This opened my eyes to seeing both sides of an issue with an open mind not my emotions. I think it’s a great listen for everyone. Really insightful.
This is a great podcast and the narrator’s voice is soothing and is good to listen to before sleep. Great research and there’s always an interesting spin to the episodes. UPDATE 2022 Now there's no narration by Aaron Mahnke and they charge for episodes. Now I listen much less often and I just listen to the free episodes with that ads but the show needs the voice of the original host.
Love his approach. Brings in philosophical, financial, psychological ideas into real life framework. I like how he usually pairs a historical story with a more modern example. I become a smarter and more empathetic person listening to each episode.
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. It’s engaging, informative, thought-provoking, and well-rrsearched. Tim Harford is a master story teller and his measured dialogue and delivery provide a welcome contrast from the “buddies goofing around” vibe of so many other podcasts.
Show can be good, but you’ll nearly have to listen to as many adds as content.
i always learn something new whenever i listen to this podcast. Keep up the good work!
I heard about this podcast on another podcast I listen to. It’s incredible and I am so glad I found it. Truly interesting stories, well written, detailed and perfectly described so the story is simple to follow. Love love love this podcast
Don’t like the new interview format at all. I’m not interested in people trying to peddle their newest product.
I love this podcast, but do hope this format with guest is just temporary or “once in awhile”. The best part of the podcast, for me, was the single narrator mostly, with voice acting. Tim Hartford is a great story-teller and is what makes the show so great and always compelling.
Normal cautionary tales content is great. But it seems like half the time when I press play I’m listening to something completely different than what I subscribed to. Just do the cautionary tales episodes. I don’t care about your interviews and conversation with random people I’ve never heard of. And cut back on the 5,000 ads please.
Just listened to the story about the Sinclair electric vehicle, a perfect podcast episode. Beautiful sound design, great writing, narration, and just the right length!


love it. Thanks
I really enjoy this content but it is often interrupted by annoyingly frequent ads. If you must have this many ads, please make your advert breaks longer so that there are fewer breaks throughout the story.


By Cae56
These are so good! A combination of history, scientific research, excellent storytelling and all the brain tingles.I had to go back and listen to all of them starting from 2019. I just discovered this podcast, thank you Malcolm Gladwell, and I am absolutely am loving it. Makes weekend chores bearable!
Has gotten Gladwell-ized. Now 15-20% of all content are ads. You can hear Gladwell's delivery and cadence throughout. Much less interesting and more fluff.
Heard Tim Harford on Useless Information Podcast. Thought I would give him a try. Podcast advertises "Clean Lyrics". Thrid episode in they dropped the F bomb. Shouldn't take too much gumption to realize that violates the clean lyrics premis.
The free version has ads every few minutes. Even if you skip ads like I do it is absurd. And every time there are ads it goes on and on for an unusually long period of time. There are plenty of other good, free podcasts that don’t have equal part ads to storytelling.
Tim Harford shows us how to actually learn from history in the most insightful ways. Don't judge that you know the story or that it doesn't "look" interesting. It always is.
I was coming off of a multiple-year SYSK addiction and in desperate need of a new podcast. I tried the other “Stuffs,” but never quite got excited about any of them. I settled on 99PI (which I still listen to often), but it wasn’t quite doing it for me. I had resigned to the idea that SYSK was just too good and that I’d never find a podcast quite as entertaining. But then Cautionary Tales was featured on an episode of 99PI and I had to check out the show. I immediately downloaded 10 episodes and have been listening to it nonstop. There may never be a podcast as entertaining as SYSK, but Cautionary Tales is more enthralling, exciting, mysterious and satisfying than anything I’ve ever heard. Anyone who is a fan of history (particularly the little-known kind), mysteries, riddles, true-crime, and thrillers will enjoy this show. It’s got it all. Don’t get me wrong, 99PI is great, but it’s a little dry. Cautionary Tales is not a competitor to it, and I hope I’m not implying it is, but it serves a similar purpose while being vastly more entertaining. Each episode is presented as a short story, a folk-tale for adults, surrounding true-life events from history. Each episode features an underlying moral lesson, with barely noticeable commentary on contemporary society within the subtext of the story. These are - as the title aptly describes - cautionary tales, and we’d all be better off if everyone listened to this show. Please, PLEASE, don’t stop producing. In fact, increase production please, without sacrificing quality. I’ll send you all the money I can, just please don’t stop. This show is outstanding and I can’t thank all involved enough.
Don’t let the narrative nature of this show fool you. It brilliantly challenges its listener to consider the beautiful lessons to be learned from failure. We will all be better for taking the time to listen
This used to be one of my favorite podcasts — I learned, I laughed, I evaluated life choices. But now it’s just an ad for other podcasts that I have zero interest in. I keep hoping the next release is going to be a new interesting tale and it’s 90% re-posted podcast ads. It’s lost my trust and heart. 💔
The stories in these cautionary tales are interesting and the narrator’s voice is soothing. I would have rated this podcast more stars if not for two issues: 1. The partisan political commentary and smug, snide asides detract from the stories. 2. The voice talent uses a moronic southern accent (think dumb rednecks) whenever they’re attempting to do an American accent. It’s insulting and…ignorant. Does everyone in England speak with a Cockney patois? No.
We love this podcast and listen as a family during car rides. This is fantastic in every other way— great storytelling, historical insights with real-life application that gets us all thinking. The hard part for us is that the theme music and background sound effects are far too loud compared to the main audio of Tim’s voice. We constantly have to adjust the volume as we listen. Otherwise excellent!
I love listening to this podcast. I’m confused about the other Pushkin podcasts but I’ll happily listen to all episodes.
This is an excellent podcast- different and thought-provoking. But are you actively trying to include the most annoying podcast commercials you can find? Generally, I don’t mind sponsored podcasts— but wow— these are really hard to take
This show is hit and miss when it actually posts an episode. Usually it posts episodes of other podcasts to supplement the fact that it rarely has new episodes.
I love Cautionary Tales, but this season I can’t tell which Podcasts are actually Cautionary Tales and which ones are some other Pushkin show. Please stop pushing so many other shows. It is really frustrating, especially when I have to sift through the same “bonus” material in Against the Rules and Revisionist History.
In the episodes set in the US feature some of the worst attempts at American accents I have ever heard. FYI Twyla Tharp does not sound like that
I used to love this, but anymore there’s no new content and instead it’s just entirely different shows getting put into this feed. It’s like they’re done making this show, but don’t want to miss out on the ad revenue. Don’t waste your time.
When this podcast is airing, I find it entertaining. Well worth the listen. However, during this week’s episode, which is actually just an ad for another podcast, it dawned on me that more episodes on this feed are just promos for other podcast than are actually Cautionary Tails episodes. If I wanted to listen to other podcasts, I would subscribe to them. I don’t need to be subscribed to this feed for that.
Stop advertising for other podcasts and produced the normal episode they are much better the the advertisement ones! Otherwise the normal episode are good, but I wait a month for this advertisement! Please stop the advertisement episode
This is easily one one my favorite podcasts I try not to bing them and enjoy them one at a time since so far there are only a little over 50 of them But it’s tough to do sometimes the good thing is I can always play them more than once and listen again
Just road trip binged from 1st episode. Educational, eye opening, thought provoking and insightful.. Just brilliant all around work. And, Jeffrey Wright? Really?! Also introduced me 3 more podcasts so, thanks for that.
I cannot connect to “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.” The episode website hosted by and to which you give a link is no help since it does not list your sources. I enjoy this podcast, in part because it gives the sources for the research and ideas on which each podcast is based. Please rectify whtaever the problem is with so that those sources are once again listed online.
Great story telling however Loremen covered this tale last year with many of the same highlights and so much funnier; shades of Aaron Mahnke and his copying Astonishing Legends.
Always starts interesting with a factual telling of history, then sneaks in with unsubstantiated theatrics. Seems to be the way of podcasts these days. Guess I’ll just listen to 2019 or before…
Kind of Malcolm Gladwell light. Interesting stories that he tries to come up with an overarching narrative which is often a stretch. Also he’s more journalist than a expert so some of his statements are just wrong.
I always get excited when a new one hits my feed. Keep up the great work Tim Harford!
I love this podcast and I eagerly anticipate the regular update. Lately it falls out of my following list and I have re-added it several times. When I do re-add it, the latest episode is not present in the list. This was the driver for me to drop Pushkin plus since the problems seemed to start after I signed up. Can this be resolved?
Thanks for charging for your podcast now! That’s what I need another subscription. It was my favorite podcast.
I usually listen to Cautionary Tales when running around the home doing chores. This was the case as I listened to, “When Autopilot is Switched Off”. I was unaware my seven year old was also listening. I learned of her listening one evening in the car. The 4 year old had just confessed to peeing in her bedtime pull-up. My seven year old chimed in, “This is like that podcast about the plane crash! They thought they were safe and relied on the autopilot.”
Amusing and heartbreaking stories of human folly and it’s consequences have lessons for everyone. A well-narrated and well-acted series. Great concept.
There are serious issues with the sound mixing. The audio effects are set at 3 times the volume of the speaking voice. As I listen in my car while driving, when the podcast plays an effect that drowns out the speaking voice, my first concern isn’t “wow, what a timely effect that enhances the story”, it’s “what’s going on outside the car that’s causing the noises, am I going to die”. Totally destroys the flow of the story and has me set the volume so low that I can’t hear the speaker, making this podcast useless for the only place I, and a lot of people, listen. If you’re not in a guaranteed safe environment (like a vault in Ft. Knox with the US Army protecting you) you can’t listen to these stories with enjoyment. And that’s a shame because they are good stories.
I like the thoroughness and perspective. Only thing is improving is the mic. U can hear the wind blow 😂