Decision Points

Reviews For Decision Points

David is a phenomenal speaker and communicates very complex issues in ways that are easy to comprehend. He is upfront about his own preferences and leanings, while also presenting facts-based, straightforward information. Highly recommended!
So glad Decision Points with David Makovsky is back! Season 2 promises to be just as exciting and informative as Season 1. Just listened to this season’s first episode with renowned historian Anita Shapira—and what we might easily take for granted, the decision to declare the State, comes to the dramatic life we should remember and respect. These podcasts are compact and moving—subscribe and look forward to them episode by episode!
I read and listen a lot to Israeli history. I was profoundly impacted by reading While Six Million Died when I was a teenager. And yet there is history I am hearing for the first time in this podcast about Wilson and Truman. Great guests and interviewer.
David Makovsky’s Decisión Points is a must- listen for anyone interested in understanding the history of Israel and its close relationship with the United States. The topics provide historical depth from leading thinkers, in addition to David himself, that still impact current events. I’m looking forward to future episodes!
David Makovsky has assembled an all-star cast for a fascinating look at the history of the US-Israel relationship. A must-listen for anyone wishing to understand what is happening today. Sheldon Klein