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The pod is of high quality in every way, and really works as like an annotated companion to the show. Personally, I’m appreciative that this comes straight from David, such a unique opportunity to how the show is built.


I like listening to the podcast. I have never read the Watchmen and have never seen the movie. So it helps to hear this commentary. I just focus on Angela as well. The history that the podcast speaks of is confusing.
Loved Chernobyl the show and podcast. I also am really enjoying this new show called watchmen. This podcast is a must it is the perfect tag along for this great show.
i wish there was a podcast for each episode. one podcast for every 3 shows is not enough time 😊 love the show and the podcast!!!
I only hoped all the Easter eggs and imagery I caught had an intricate thought process behind them. I am ecstatic to learn that my hopes were true. The way Damon and the writers are able to highlight so many black issues is masterful. I am addicted and encouraging everyone to watch this series and then listen to this insightful podcast.
It explains a lot about the show and even things that I have missed. I’m looking forward to episode 3.
I love this show and I love this podcast! It takes us deeper into each episode and helps me understand better what is happening in the various storylines.
Is this really the Watchmen? Appears to be politically motivated ad campaign to try and get Americans used to the idea of reparations. Like wrapping a bad tasting pill in a piece of bologna to get the dog to take his medicine.


By Erdrick
The tv series is so great and dense and afterward watching, you just want to dive in to all the details with people that know more than you. So very satisfying to listen to this podcast. Wish the host would do a little less talking though.
This podcast is so good. I wish it was gonna be more than 3 episodes. :(
The host has way too long intros to the questions and hardly hear the creators point of view. Extremely distracting.
I love hearing the thought process behind each episode and love the dynamic between Damon and Craig. Love it and hope they make another season of Watchmen and continue discussing the show!
Great podcast. Really connects the dots but also adds more to the mystique of the series. You really get to hear how much care was put into this story and the show. I look forward to every episode of Watchmen but now I’m like... please, I need a new podcast episode to hear more! It’s a shame it’s released after every three episodes but at the same time it fits perfectly with the whole mystery of it all. Just awesome.
As usual Damon Lindelof gives us mesmerizing content and exposition of the meaning of Watchmen. As a huge fan of the comic and movie I’m so in for this. I really hope the average viewer who isn’t as immersed in the world use this to help untangle the mystery and supports the show so it stays on for many seasons. Thank you guys for such a excellent podcast.
“I know a lot of things, but the thing I know best is that this podcast is perfect.” - Dr. Manhattan “I feel the same.” - Ozymandias
This podcast makes me want to rewatch each episode over and over again. I love the extra insight, it’s priceless!!
I don't know why it's so easy for some of you to point out every Easter egg in watchmen, but then it's Soo hard for you to actually comprehend.... In the first podcast they clearly stated 3 episodes will be in one.... You guys are giving bad reviews because you can't comprehend words, please revaluate yourselves dunce brains 🙄😂🤣
Fascinating to hear Damon and Craig talk about this show. A deep dive into Watchmen. A must listen for any Watchmen fan!
This is a really cool podcast giving not necessarily a breakdown of each episode, but a bit of a philosophical “behind the scenes.” My main criticism is that, while I understand the timing and work that goes into this, it really should be an every episode podcast. A lot of stuff gets glossed over or sorta lost in the shuffle when you cram 3 hours of TV into an hour podcast.
Really cool deep dive into not only the world of the show but also the writing behind. Lots of great insights on writing in general. Thanks guys!
This would be great if they actually did them...
This exceptional podcast provides unparalleled insight into the mind behind the show. Perfect mix of crucial motivations, main themes and behind-the-scenes stories about creating the show, but without any dreaded spoilers. In addition, the host builds off his excellent work from the Chernobyl podcast to serve as an ideal guide for the listener (he’s also incredibly smart).
Only one podcast episode after 5 show episodes? 👎🏻 I liked the one episode that was released.
Where are the new episodes of this podcast?
How can the official HBO podcast be 2 episodes behind?
Genetic trauma is real. Politicians and some police are undercover klansman. #WatchmenHBO Presidents are figure heads who do the bidding of the elite and control us with fear based tactics. They don’t want us to remember 💊 ~Tony Brown’s 📚 have been saying these things for years. Glad to get a refresher tonight.
Thank you! Virgin Watchman viewer. Got involved for Regina-now I’m hooked and thanks to this podcast I now have some context. Thank you again Damon. Dropping some historical knowledge to boot...
Enjoy show Could have done without the racism bit
I was hooked from the moment I saw the trailer with a masked shero the Queen Regina King as Sister Knight. After watching the first episode it is now my new favorite show on TV and to think I almost canceled my HBO subscription. Now the podcast is just the icing on the cake. I was not familiar with Damon Lindelof but now I look forward to binge watching Lost so I can catch up. Great show and great podcast. Thanks
I’m so excited about this show! I read the comic after the Snyder movie and loved the story. Best wishes to the cast and crew!
Awesome series with an equally great podcast.
So I am a neophyte when it comes to the Watchmen world. But I have been a fan of Lost and The Leftovers in the past. These shows all have the same thing in common. They are Jam Packed! Thanks for helping me to unpack them and for adding to my watch/read list. This pod cast is full not back stories and explanations but it doesn’t take away my imagination. It actually intensifies it. Great job. I will be listening.
Daisy’s gonna go for a watch man like me
A long time ago now Damon Lindelof used to do a weekly Lost podcast that I downloaded to my iTunes and then transferred to my iPod before walking to the train every Thursday. The technology and the show might have changed but the thrill that I get listening to Lindelof do a deep dive on his show remains the same.
I was beyond thrilled to discover a Watchman podcast as a lover of the show, source material, and of all the Lost Podcasts. Ezra James Sharkington anybody?!?! And this podcast lived up to my expectations. Can’t wait for the next two episodes!!!
As someone who only watched the 2009 adaptation and NEVER read the comics, I was curious to see how HBO would approach this (considering it looked mad different from the show’s trailers). This. Show. Is. AMAZING! 3 episodes in and I’m already rewatching it!😂 The show-runners kill it! And then comes this phenomenal in-depth hour-long-but-too-short podcast!!! Good job guys I’m hype!!
As someone who has been non stop looking at articles and analysis of watchmen for the past three weeks, this podcast is just what I needed. Inspired me to reread the book. And please Damon for the love of god do a the leftovers podcast!
Each episode of this show got better, I am now thoroughly hooked, and I love what they did in this podcast. In the same way that my viewing of Lost was never complete without seeing what Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson had to say at EW, and Chernobyl series had to be followed immediately by the podcast, this podcast is the newest must. Can’t rate it higher than that.
Rich with Hisotry!!!
I just wish it was longer. Selfishly of course.. their conversations are just so provoking and there’s so much to uncover I just want it to really dive even deeper. But I can’t deny that just the simplicity of one hour episodes still hits me just right. Great show, great podcast. Give me more.
I love the show, but after watching 3 episodes I still have no idea what is going on. Now I don’t feel like such a dunce. This is a must listen if you love the show!
It’s an enjoyable podcast that allows listeners & fans to learn about the how Lindelof and the rest of the team build the self-contained world of the show. Mazin’s choice to focus each podcast episode on 3 episodes rather than a weekly recap is great as it nurtures a more fruitful conversation between two phenomenal writers and show runners.
I could listen to Lindelof talk for hours about this show. The first three episodes of the series are immaculate and I’m heavily anticipating the rest of the season. Love this podcast companion!
If you are following Watchmen on HBO, this podcast should be a required companion. Hearing about Lindelof and Co’s creative process is a real treat. Excellent supplement for an excellent series.
Coming from someone who adored the graphic novel and was indifferent to the film, this podcast gives fans a deep dive into the creative undertaking of this amazing show. Looking forward to the new episodes of both the podcast and the show!
This will be an essential companion with the series.
This show is the perfect companion to the show. Craig is a fantastic host and listening to all these ideas and the processes of how the show is made. It adds an extra layer to the show and the world of Watchmen