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It is all the same but it is nice music.
Please label the works for everyone! It will persist I hope
The music is great but the ads are so annoying, also to be ad free you have to pay?!!! What a rip off. Also the same kind of music plays over and over. A variety please!!!šŸ˜•
You'll hear the same selections over and over. I tend to agree with the other reviewers who would like a little variety. I'd expect to be exposed to new music through a music-oriented podcast. That alone isn't terrible, but the ads are 100% annoying. The whole point of this podcast is to serve up some ads for Magnatune. That's permissible, but in between each and every track you get to hear the same poorly-recorded, unenthusiastic guy saying the same thing about how you can pay 15 bucks a month for ad-free podcasts. I'm pretty sure I've heard a few instances where the piece didn't even end but they inserted an ad anyway. I also would have expected some kind of radio-DJ-like commentary to announce the title and performer, a little education about the pieceā€¦something. Instead, it's just music with ads. I cannot recommend this podcast. The music is, of course, ineffably genius, and the performances are all very good, but the ads really ruin it. I'm pretty sure I'll be staying away from anything Magnatune from now on.
This podcast claims to have 60 minutes of 'commercial free' songs, when in fact there is constant interruption by the creators trying to get you to subscribe for $15/mo (even saying "these commericials would be removed" if you join). It's very annoying.
This podcast is really great and gives listeners a good dose of Mozart without much interruption. However, when ads to play during the tracks, they are just the creators asking to subscribe monthly for $15, which is quite high. I'd be all for donating a few dollars, but $15 a month is a price tag I don't even give to NPR.
I don't care if some of them are repetitive ,we need to hear wolfy's stuff over and over again anyway to remind us that he was a musical genius .
Thank you for giving us such beautiful music with no strings attach. You make my day less stressed.
All magnatune podcasts are the same 5-6 pieces in different order for months at a time. Download one podcast from each available and then move on, otherwise they will just clutter/fill up your ipod.
Love this podcast. It is mellow and a pleasure to listen to. Great at work. Plus there is no rambling announcer--very nice--which makes this podcast one of my favorites! Also great to just listen to. (Besides wasn't there some study that says Mozart helps you think clearer!) Anyway, enjoy!
I've been trying to find a podcast with straight Mozart music, and I think I've finally found it! Of everyone who reviewed, no one trashed it! That's great!
I'm glad to finally run into such an amazing mix of easy to listen jazz music. Great job!
This is my favorite podcast, relaxing and inspiring music that is good at any time!


By CGK008
I really wanted some classical music to listen to for relaxation and enjoyment, and this is definetely it.
i was looking for some classical music to listen to while i study, and this is exactly what i was looking for. thanks!
Excellent for studying and relaxing! A Must for students.