Bow Down: Women in Art

Reviews For Bow Down: Women in Art

I found out about this podcast through a Twitter rabbit hole. I feel like I just found a lost treasure.
Brilliant podcast. The discussions are always completely engaging, with depth and wit and lively sparkling intelligence. I just wish they were longer. Thank you. Thank you. I bow down.
I work in my studio a lot writing and creating and it was Wonderful listening to these Female Artist that Bow Down presents. There (thus far) only 9 episodes will there be more in the near future? Any who, Thanks for these Podcasts...
Smart, thoughtful and fascinating. I want to dive into each of these artists’ work!
Bow Down to Jen Higgie! I am biased obviously but this is genius and I love it!!!
Entertaining, informative, and inspiring this is my new favorite podcast about women in the arts and the arts in general. I have been following Jennifer Higgie's instagram about great female artists from history that have gone underrecognized. It's awesome to see this morph into a podcast and a conversation.