Broken Justice

Reviews For Broken Justice

Excellent podcast. Very informative and frightening. I hope Ricky is able to be compensated for his wrongful conviction. He deserves something to give him a start on a new life.
This podcast is very salacious, biased, exaggerated, and clear inaccuracies. Having worked in STL Co. For 18 years I would rate the representation by the public defenders office as some of the most zealous and thorough. Maybe at personal sacrifice of attorneys but not regularly the clients.
The podcast jumps all over the place. Not really that gripping either. I’ll pass on this one.
As an excon who spent years in the Washington state prison system The reporting is accurate and so important, albeit incongruous to the beliefs many Americans have about their country’s justice system. Personally, listening to this series has given me a profound sense of empathy and gratitude for our public defenders (a.k.a. public pretenders, power truck, etc) who are the neglected heroes daily fighting to uphold the ideals of justice. Wow, never thought I’d say that lol! It’s totally contrary to the beliefs I’ve held since getting sentenced to 60 months in prison back in 2013.
This is remarkably powerful reporting about a systemic failure of justice, wealth, and power in America.
I can always rely on PBS for great programming, and this series goes above and beyond. Amna always goes after deep untold stories, and I am always impressed by her search to uncover the truth. Well done! I only wish there were more episodes!
This is well done very informative with excellent reporting. Keep up the great work Amna, Frank and entire crew. I look forward to future episodes.
As a lawyer, this is a heartbreaking look at the “justice” system. Overburdened public defenders are just part of a flawed system that is in desperate need of reform.
Informative, well-told and fascinating reporting. Well done, Frank and team!
Extremely informative and well done.
It’s happens here in CA too.
A gripping look at a part of the criminal justice system that few people know about. It shows how those arrested and public defenders alike are caught in a no-win situation...and some die waiting for justice. So well told - can't wait for the next parts to drop!
Lots of great reporting here - looking forward to hearing the next episode!
The law would never allow a nurse to care for 175 people fighting for their lives. How is it lawful to allow a public defender care for 175 people fighting for their lives? Disgraceful!
Such an important and compelling subject to zoom in on. As is the natural rapport between Amna and Frank. Looking forward to more.
Very thoughtfully produced. Well done!
Is so important! Thank you for making this podcast. I’d love to hear any ideas about how the system can be changed, Thank you! Thank you! I’m going to tweet Crime Writers On to review you.
The editing on this is so tight - the story stays vibrant without any slack. Easy to follow and understand even though the subject could be so troubling you might want to look away. Can’t wait for part 2!