A Zero To A Hero: Learn Spanish!

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Found this on the babbel app, and so glad I did! I am at the beginning of my learning and this podcast has been a great, fun supplement. Hector is great at explaining words and pronunciation, also easy to understand. Catrina(spelling is probably wrong, sorry) is great to listen to, as I feel very much in her shoes. The lightheartedness is exactly what I was after.
Once you get through the first few lessons the hosts start conversation and talking way too fast, without stopping and explaining in English exactly what they are saying. I wasn’t able to follow any more. Really would love for them to have spoken much slower and stop to explain everything.
I think podcasting would be a great way for listeners to get a better grasp on foreign languages. It also seems like the format of this particular podcast is perfect for learning. Hope to see more episodes!
I discovered this podcast looking for something I could listen to while stuck in traffic and I really really enjoy it! The repertoire between Hector and Catriona is awesome but I feel like it’s scripted. How can the topics transition smoothly. I think you should be transparent with your listeners and not say Catriona is a “total beginner” and title this podcast “zero to hero” because Catriona is definitely not a zero nor a total beginner. For instance, she already knows how to roll her “R’s” perfectly and she has done this from episode 1. Also, she speaks Spanish from Spain since she says “Franthes”. A beginner wouldn’t pronounce “Frances” like this. I’m on episode 8 and Hector is saying “corro” and “Coro” and she already knew what they meant right away. Her pronunciations are perfect and she always “guesses” right at what something means and tries to play it off by giggling like a little school girl. Even though Catriona isn’t a beginner, she really is a good host and helps us understand Spanish from a different perspective (non native). Other than that, I think the show is truly wonderful and Hector is a great teacher and . The show covers things that make you understand why things are said and how they are said. It helps me with verb conjugations as well. It has reinforced what I have learned in the Babbel app and btw Babbel is the best language app out there! I hope you continue making more episodes and more frequently.


By nmos0
Just listened to episode 1. It is extremely helpful. I learned a lot and the episode was timed perfectly. I listened to it while I styled my hair 😉.
The hosts have great rapport and their explanations are excellent.
What I really like about this podcast is that they explain reasons behind things in the language, which helps me remember things. I studied Spanish back when you did nothing but memorize and that’s not how I retained language. Great job!!
I enjoy listening to Catorina and Hector converse and solidify some learning. The podcast is helpful and is something I look forward to. Please make more episodes featuring the future and past conjugations, and more! I’d like to have the duo with me through this Spanish learning journey!
Very straight forward and well done you both have nice voices pronunciation is good and the conversation is a good ice breaker
The girl Catriona is called “a total beginner” but she is not. Intermediate, yes, but she talks too fast, in both English and Spanish . I Was hoping to listen/ learn with a beginner.. your promo is misleading.
The music after every segment is nauseating.
I am so excited to have found this podcast! It’s educational, funny and sweet! I am a newbie and have the same goals as Katrina and enjoy learning with her. Hector is a great teacher and even when there are words and phrases I may already know I find he teaches me new tips, tricks and cultural standards. I have already learned so much and have a smile on my face the entire time listening to my new friends! Thank you and keep it up!
I really like this podcast. The “theme music” at the start is great, it has good tips, it’s like I don’t even need to use the actual app! And since they focus on one topic at a time, that helps the learning a lot more. Héctor and Catriona can really draw your attention and I think this podcast can really boost your Spanish. I would definitely recommend this podcast for any Spanish learners.
I am enjoying this podcast however I do find some of Catrina’s mannerisms a bit annoying. It’s like she will just start laughing or chuckling like a pubescent schoolgirl when she’s trying to say a phrase which shows her insecurity or lack of self confidence. She used to do this in the other podcast too, and I felt the same way. It doesn’t give me much confidence she has conviction in trying to learn the language (maybe thus the title), but Hector comes to the rescue as the pro.
I’m enjoying the podcast along with the app. I struggle with hearing bc of the speed of the language as well with conjugations and the multi-variations of word/use. She’s either a quick learner or the podcast airing doesn’t reflect her lesson dates! Hector is a great teacher...
I’m one mont in to my Babel subscription and found this podcast in the app. I really enjoy Catriona and Hector and they’ve been helpful as an accessory to the app. I only wish there was a worksheet or something along those lines to accompany each episode to help with understanding because they move through it so quickly. I listen and read-listen every morning as I get ready for work where I can practice use with Spain’s speaking customers. But because the podcasts don’t really correlate with my app lessons, I find I still struggle with conjugation. A correlating worksheet would be really helpful!
I’m 10 months into learning Spanish and found helpful tips in these podcasts. I’m having difficulty speaking Spanish though I’m accelerating reading Spanish. Thanks for this great podcast. More episodes please!
Beginning Spanish with discussions in English. Catriona has many of the same questions I do, and her crisp Scottish accent is lovely on the ears. Hector is a gentle instructor. Enough repetition that things seem to stick. Thanks so much for this podcast.