Reviews For Sibling Revelry with Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson

Love the episodes. It will be real coup if you’re able to get Michelle Obama and her brother Craig.
I enjoyed your mother Goldie coming on to fill in for Oliver.. she is so insightful and wise. You guys should just do a episode with her .. I loved it! More.. more.. more..
I enjoyed your mother Goldie coming on to fill in for Oliver.. she is so insightful and wise. You guys should just do a episode with her .. I loved it! More.. more.. more..
Both my husband and I are only child’s raising 3 boys...I find this podcast fascinating and gives me great insight on raising my boys. I find myself lost sometimes on sibling relationships, fighting and rivalries! It could be interesting to do 1 show about “only’s” to get another perspective. Thanks!!!
Great episode and I loved Goldie being the host. She brought such great questions and love to the episode with Kate
Jason & Tyler brothers were such an enjoyable episode! All your guest are great but I think this one was the best one yet!
5 stars until Oliver referred to the kardashian / jenners as “down to earth”. Which earth are you referring to, Oliver? Cause it certainly isn’t this one.
Chris and Matt Delia episode, oh man. Both of them talk way too fast like they’re on crack or something I can’t follow what they are saying!! Plus they are all talking over one another for the entirety of the episode. Little frustrating. Ya’ll can do better!
Love this sibling duo! They are hilarious and always have a good time. If you want a fun listen tune in!
Done with your pod cast how can you vote on a persons character and vote for Joe Biden. He is a criminal with his son. How can you tell your children that someone who stole from all of us
I enjoy the sibling podcasts but the liberal views is where I turn it off. Kate thinks she knows everything going on in the country and that her point of view is the only one that is right. I have lost a lot of respect for them. The Trump bashing just proves they know nothing about the issues in the country and not willing to hear the other side. I know they said they are in the middle but they clearly aren’t.


By KacyT
I don’t listen to every episode unless they have guests I like or it’s just them talking to each other. However I very much disliked the episode where they talked a little bit of politics. Use hour voice to encourage voting and not to try and sway people to vote your party. Keep your beliefs to yourself and not in a public forum
Lost me on the Trump bashing. Sorry. You basically said he is mean. Maybe so...but I would rather not live in a socialist, open border, high taxed country. Thanks. Biden has dementia. Harris will be President. She is awful.
It’s fun to listen to their podcast and relationship. It’s light hearted and funny.
Oliver is the best thing about this podcast. He’s hilarious, insightful, real and genuine. He is so natural with the guests and always asks such great questions.
I thoroughly enjoy listening to the humorous and loving banter between Kate and Oliver at the beginning of their podcast, and with their interesting & inspiring guests. Makes my day when the current news cycle is so dismal. Mahalo Hudson Siblings! Nadyne Orona
You should get them on the podcast if possible!
😂😂 “Leon Cappacino” Leonardo DiCaprio. Uncontrollable laughter what love these brothers share. Will be buying “Greenlight” and tuning in to Rooster’s podcast BS. Thanks to you guys for bringing it #giggles-love you guys- Laurie Portland, ME
You have such a diverse line up of siblings and it is great to hear from different genres of people. The Ritter brothers - I love them even more than before listening to this podcast. You two are great interviewers. You are down to earth and really add to the appeal. The Bacon Brothers - great interview!
Love your podcast. I look forward to hearing your new episodes when they come out. Today, the Bacon brothers did not disappoint. And, I was so happy you asked about the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon! A favorite game for my college friends and me in the 90’s. Would love to hear an interview with the Petty siblings. I adore their dad and miss his music.
I absolutely love your show and your fun, close relationship! Have you ever thought of having an episode with on only child? My three year old is on only child (and will remain so) and it’s something I worry about often! Would love to hear others discuss their experience, the good and the bad (but hopefully mostly hood ;) )
I’m a huge fan of the podcast and both Kate and Oliver, but Oliver really has a major problem with interrupting Kate: jumping in to speak for her, interrupting to switch the conversation/story back to him, or sometimes even legit just changing the subject when she’s in the middle of a thought or question. It’s jarring, and multiple times I’ve found myself yelling, “Wait!! I wanted to hear what Kate was gonna say!!” Especially in these current times, it would be a good thing to course correct.
Love💗Love💗Love💗the Fanning sisters!!!
Thanks for the weekly dose of laughs and learning about sibling relationships.
This is my favorite podcast!! I love my siblings. These sibling relationships are fascinating and Kate and Oliver make it feel like a cool hang!
I listen to a lot of interview podcasts, and with this one, the conversation goes somewhere unique. I love hearing about how people grew up and how that shapes their adult life and way of thinking. Kate and Oliver are good at not interrupting but still being present and hilarious.
Their childhood moments and just them in general are so funny. Listening to them together was just a comedy show I just couldn’t....
If you enjoy brothers and sisters, a cycle of guests across the fame and personal gamut, and enjoy a dose of humor, you’ll enjoy these two. I say the fans are ‘RAVEL-ROUSERS!’
I really enjoy your relationship with one another and each ones own views and personalities. Glad you decided to do a Podcast together. You could call your listeners Re-Re’s😊
Best podcast especially loved the episode about the sibling interesting! 😍
New: (from Sunjay episode) Please stop putting down CU Boulder as a institution with low academics, my daughter and many other bright, great students go there, it is insulting what you say, Oliver. It was ranked 38worldwide not just nationally. Look it up! It is a renowned school for research, you make me feel bad as a parent for criticizing it. All colleges have people that party and “get trashed” CU at Boulder is no exception.
You both had so much grace, yet I felt your pain too. The pain of us all. Kate at times you take the older sibling role. You see the struggles Oliver has and you have a way of getting him to articulate them. Asking questions so that he can express what he is feeling. It’s beautiful to hear. I lost my husband suddenly and without warning a year ago. And everything you both expressed about tragic loss was so accurate. The pain..the need to keep them alive..the frustration. Just thank you for your honesty...this episode was one of your best because you spoke from the heart..without a filter...sending love your way 🙏🏽💙
Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy! Created by USAF Veteran Made in N.C. You’re right, Qubits Toy is better than Lego
This is a great podcast! Very insightful. Thanks
Sorry to say but this podcast and it’s format is completely unoriginal. There’s a podcast made by two Black Queer Drag Artists that was started before this one called Sibling Rivalry... I wonder where you guys might’ve gotten inspiration for your name.
Love you two!


Bro tried to be Dax for an episode lol he holds the dialogue back honestly but it’s lighthearted listening
You two are so intuitive, so intelligent and so hilarious! Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s like free therapy with entertainment. I can relate to so much of what you all have discussed, I am always trying to get my family to open up more, and get a deeper understanding. You both have such a great way of expressing yourselves and I admire your truth and your courage. It’s a beautiful thing to see your connection as siblings. It’s so relevant and has already sparked convo in my family that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. Keep it going!! Love you guys!
I love Kate Hudson! And now I love her brother!! They rock!!! But as far as the them two girls!!!😂😂😂 I haft to agree with Kylee!! I absolutely think Kourt could tk some lessons fromher sisters on parenting!! But then again?????
Have been a fan of the whole family for a very long time!! Having a patchwork family of my own I relate to everything you discuss! I am hooked!!
Loved the interviews , I am the eldest of 3 sisters and I love them and love the connection that we have to each other and this podcast reminds me of them and our adventures as kids.
Kate & Oliver.... when you two combine (just like when I do with my siblings) all of the titles and outside accolades fall to the side. Our siblings know us from our very beginnings and quite possibly our truest selves! Thank you for shedding any pre-tenses and sharing you, your friendship/relationship and that of others. What a blessing this has been to me! Peace and all the best today and onward🤟🏼✌🏻💛
Didn’t Chris D’Elia get cancelled for being a predator? Choice of guests is problematic. + Oliver is such an insecure d0uche


Not the most intellectually stimulating podcast, tbo. Very simple, nothing outrageous or offensive, just meh...🤷🏻‍♀️
Ugghh gronk went months ago with Brady. Old news!!! Podcast needs to be current
Are there any more episodes to come?? 🙏🏼♥️
I can’t with Oliver. Kate understands how to interview and does such a wonderful job, however Oliver is soooo annoying.. I hate when he talks, it’s always “all about him” my final straw was when he swore repeatedly with Dr. Joe Dispenza during an interview. Super entitled, ego-maniac with little respect for his guests. Oliver, are you listening or waiting to talk?
Just have to say I just started listening to this podcast and I love it! It has me entertained while I’m working, I’m laughing and talking to myself like yea that’s so true! I love that everyone has such a different story and have overcome the obstacles we faced growing up. I don’t feel alone like I’m the one who grew up with a story. So thank you! Your relationship is beautiful and I love it reminds me of me and my sisters.