not having it

Reviews For not having it

I just found this podcast and love it! The hosts are super relatable and have a great dynamic. The content is really unique and light hearted. I would especially recommend the episode about how old things become cringe 😂 great podcast overall!
Entertaining, funny, smart, and addictive!
Literally within the first 2 minutes I loved this podcast. The conversation between the two hosts is so natural and fluid—nothing seemed premeditated. That made it very easy to listen and relate to and made me feel apart of the conversation. I enjoyed the topics discussed as they are relevant to todays world and everyday life. Super fun and enjoyable :)
Love this content. It’s super relatable. I love their topics - they’re things that we need to talk more about. Looking forward to more episodes!!
Just listened to Episode 14 : Not having it with valentines day and really enjoyed it. It feels like I'm sitting in a conversation with some close friends. Looking forward to more content!
These women are a lot of fun and very enjoyable to listen too.