How to Do the Pot

Reviews For How to Do the Pot

April and Ellen have created a judgment free zone for exploring and educating on all things pot. They cover topical issues and provide useful advice while consulting experts and providing various points of view. I love that their message is focused specifically to womxn- it feels like I’m taking advice from a girlfriend!
Thank you, April and team for helping this boomer’s research. I look forward to every podcast!
Excellent content and well produced.
It's not often that a podcast can be entertaining and make you feel more knowledgeable. This one does both! Cannot wait for new episodes!!!
such an awesome podcast - couldn’t recommend it more!!
Great to hear a wider array of voices about The Pot.
This podcast taught me so much! I had so many questions but didn’t even know how to ask them. This podcast did it for me. Thank you!
Thank you for opening up a dialogue on a topic and conversation that I’ve been craving so much more specific information on - women and weed, especially being a mom - for so long. Please keep it coming!
Experienced, well informed and thoughtful host who keeps women front and center on this topic of a plant species which is slowing emerging as a rival to Big Pharma. Keep it coming April!
There’s so much noise surrounding pot. April and her guests do a great job wading through it. LOVE the high five at the end of each episode! And suppositories for period cramps?! YES. Looking forward to hearing more!
Real stories, real information. Broadened my understanding as someone who’s just curious about health issues.