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Reviews For Play With It Podcast

Good news and chats for nerds. Good humor! 👍
Carl and Noah are very entertaining. Fun podcast despite the LEGO hating.
This podcast talks about cool toys and games and I love listening to it on my commute. Noah and Carl do a great job making it entertaining!
This is a newer podcast and it keeps getting better with every episode! I like the bird game talk but I LOVE the toys stuff! Great chemistry between the hosts too!
Love the toy talk and the board game stuff is good too! The monolith stuff was fascinating!
Lots of great topics covered in a funny way! Love it!
Love this podcast!! So interesting and fun to listen to!
These are such fun podcasts! I love listening to them during everything I do!!
I love this podcast! You are never too old to enjoy a good game. This podcast breaks down all your favorite games and then some. You'll get hooked from the first episode...then binge the rest!
I enjoy the array of topics this podcast covers, namely the Kickstarter segment! The hosts also have good voices and the show keeps a nice pace.
There aren’t a lot of collector shows out there, particularly pods covering DC. These guys also cover table top games and provide some good comprehensive variety of of the toys/games market in general. Strongly recommended!
I love this show because it feels like hanging out with friends. Great dynamic between the hosts, with many hilarious moments. More than just a podcast about collectible toys and games, this is a love letter to the nostalgia and childhood joy of the things we nerd out about. Highly recommended!
Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast