The Freedom Sisters Podcast

Reviews For The Freedom Sisters Podcast

I love how motivated this podcast is and always moves me to want to do more!
My go-to for uplifting life stories. Love the spirit Kerri has brought to and into this calling. Inspiration, courage, strength, and love all into one.
I love what this podcast stands for. I love the stories and connection. So good!!!
I love listening to the stories of military women! I love how Karri mixes faith and service together. I’m inspired by each story she shares.
This pod cast is entertaining, educational and most of all inspiring! I have laughed out loud, cried and even found myself nodding my head, YES! ... Thank god someone is addressing the pay gap, epigenetics, positive manifestation, fitness, health, motherhood, inequalities- and all the journeys in-between. And educating all the while about veterans who have given all of themselves. I could go on.... It has opened my heart in ways I didn’t know needed opening and has really given me a window into what being a woman veteran looks like. She looks like you and me, she looks like your next-door neighbor, your mother, your teacher, she even looks like famous actress’s and start up entrepreneurs. Give this a listen & you won’t be disappointed- you will find a new faith in humanity and human potential. #LOVE . Thank you Keri please keep it coming, we’re listening!
Kerri is super passionate about female veterans and what they have to share. She dives deep and really gets to know her guests. Inspiring for every woman vet or strong woman!
Love, love, love this!! So many cool women and amazing stories!! Keep them coming!!
Love the mission and the passion behind this show. It is much needed and a fantastic opportunity to highlight our women service members. Way to go!!
So good to hear about all the love, dedication and faith our women veterans possess. This show is truly inspiring. Listen in. You won’t regret it.