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Reviews For Rodger That

Wonderful friendly and relatable hosts. Tackling such difficult issues, and helping us to understand and know we aren’t alone.
This podcast is a must for anyone who is touched by someone with dementia. Bobbie and Mike know the topic and bring on the most interesting and informed guests. Professionals and family caregivers will find these shows helpful.
The topics covered in the fascinating episodes is surprisingly wide ranging. Both interesting and informative, Bobbi and Mike’s lively discussions with their guests include the hard facts of caring for a loved one with dementia, provide resources and tips for surviving “the hardest job you’ll ever love,” but most importantly, show the rewards and satisfaction that make it all worthwhile.
Watching a loved one deteriorate mentally and physically is incredibly hard and stressful on everyone involved. The hosts know this from experience and bring their own, and others’ expertise to the program. I’ve love listening to their anecdotes and stories and finding myself nodding in understanding. This podcast should be a must-listen to anyone caring for (or even anyone who knows) someone with dementia.
A great way to get help and information out to those facing dementia in a friend or family member. Articulate couple shares real-life, practical tips and information in a respectful way born of their own personal experience.
Bobbi and Mike are warm, open and caring people who know their subject well, the episode flew by and their willingness to share their experiences as caregivers for their father with dementia is so touching. Can’t wait for the next episode.
My family and I are so grateful for your honest advice. Nothing is sugar-coated, which makes it so valuable. We feel like less of failures, so again, thank you.