Reviews For The World in Brief from The Economist

When the podcast first started, the content was fresh and informative every day. Since it has shifted to three times daily, much of the content is repeated throughout the day. I would much rather hear new news than hear the same news. Just my opinion…
Great daily rundown. Thoughtful and global coverage. I listened daily for a year and then subscribed to the Economist - love that their full weekly editions are on audio.
Sometimes they shine sometimes not so much, but it’s free so why complain.
5 star show with moments of 2. Why the one dimensional opinion on voting rights without discussion? IDs are required for a library card, health care, etc - why not to vote? Vaccination proof required for some to work and travel - is there no room for a voting ID discussion? Are long lines at the polls due to evil intentions or lack of registration? These are observations and unsettled questions not facts. Please be more thoughtful and questioning and less opinionated.
I’m pretty sure the program recently switched to using an AI to read the briefing. The mangled pronunciations are just too particular. It’s distracting and dare I say a little uncanny.
The content is excellent and succinct. Unfortunately, the new reader makes it a painful experience. The delivery is so slow that I fall asleep before a sentence is complete. The quality of voice seems to be poor, but this could be a change in recording equipment. This used to be my favorite podcast. Now, I’m considering cancelation in favor of some of a podcast with both good content and good delivery. The former reader was far superior to this new one.
For the love of God get rid of this guy! Annoying voice, should be reading books to preschoolers not news.
One of my favorite news podcasts when I need to stay informed on-the-go. It's short and straight to the point. When they make a mistake regarding details of the news they cover, they issue a quick apology at the end of the episode. I'm sad to say that this podcasts is one of the only podcasts out there that apologizes if they make a mistake.
For the last week or two a number of words are being dropped. Maybe she is speaking too quietly and the mic isn’t picking them up?
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The first thing I listen to upon waking to get going in the morning. Short and succinct and informative.
Just what I like—short news clips and non partisan.
Why are these always delivered late? Days go by without one, and then I have to go listen on Spotify, who is NEVER late with their podcasts. Please do better.
Love this app
Colin Powell died of complications exacerbated by Covid-19…. He was battling with cancer and Parkinson’s Disease. You recklessly play into anti-vaccers hands and fears when you say that General Powell “died of Covid-19”. C’mon, Economist…. Be. Better. I listen to the podcast because I believe you’re better.
But updates seem slower and slower. Sometimes over a day late.
As many others have commented, the reader of the news often speaks too quickly and in a brash tenor. It’s grating. The BBC Global News podcast is much more pleasant, with the same substantive punch.
Why is he yelling?
There was a blooper take included in today’s episode. Seriously? Do better, The Economist!


The women broadcaster runs her sentences together. Making two separate stories sound like one. And she speaks too quietly.
Hard to understand the new reader of the news. A little less accent might help. Always enjoyed the program in the past.
The new news reader slurs her words together. It is very difficult for Non-native British English speakers to follow along. Please slow down. Thank you
I have been enjoying your morning briefing, which is delivered fluently and clearly. However the new one today doesn’t live up to these descriptions. Really disappointed with that.
Why does the presenter shout so much? It’s unpleasant.
Solid reporting and unique perspective on world news each day. A trusted source, highly recommended
I’ve been listening daily for some time and love the “Fact of the day”. The content is always intriguing across the world news spectrum.
Puts me to sleep. Learn from financial times morning podcast. So much better.
Good combo with the morning coffee.


By dcknmp
Every morning a great news summary about as unbiased at it gets these days.
It is difficult to find a news outlet that attempts to approach the world in an even-handed and accurate manner. The podcasts are an excellent addition to the newspapers.
Straightforward, no extra dramatization, refreshing in that
2 year listener and never again
It’s a quick review of what’s going on in the world.


By jlcmd
Love the briefing. . Complimentary to my NPR MORNING briefing . Could perhaps be a couple minutes longer
One cannot ask for anything better!


Just another liberal news channel. They never tell the whole story, just what fits their narrative. Just garbage. Clearly pushing their liberal agenda.
Is it me or the briefing delivery sounds more like the insurance ads reading the fine print at record pace due to limited airtime? Personally I wouldn’t mind a slightly longer briefing but delivered in a way that feels more human. Today’s briefing was having someone talk at you rather than talk to you. Disappointed.
Succinct & just the facts. Love it!
Another must-have piece of The Economist offering
Love this podcast. However, when referring to the US you should probably not call it America. Lots of other countries are located in the Americas. In the same covid19 report you incorrectly named Johns Hopkins. Funny I heard this twice in the last week on the BBC and just couldn’t take any more. His name was JohnS Hopkins and that is also the name of the Hospital and University. Thanks for a great show.
After many decades of subscribing and reading The Economist, I’m sad to say that I am down to only this podcast. Now even this will be deleted from my life. It would appear that The Economist believes in diversity in everything– except thinking.
I have read the Economist for over 40 years now. It is fact-based, analytical, generally pro-capitalism and its editorial stance is positioned broadly at an objective center, occasionally center-right. It has never drifted much from this stance the entire time I have read its news and opinions. Clearly it triggers those on either extreme, but the Economist reliably posts the facts and the analysis without fear or favor.
Just another leftist mouthpiece
The most thoughtful and compelling daily broadcast focused on global issues. Not decaf.
Love the free podcast !! Listen all of the time
It’s unfair for those people who paid the membership of Espresso as you share the same content of briefing for free here.
Can’t recommend incorporating this (along with the long form daily podcast) into your daily routine enough. Expertly produced and distilled into the daily essentials.