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thanks for making these podcasts..these really help to improve my english both in listening and speaking..appreciate your work and thanks again..
Hi,my name is Mansour from Saudi Arabia, I want to learn English and how to speak fluently and listened to alot of ESL podcasts and considered you are one of the BEST i listened. So thank you so Much and Please keep up your Wonderful work.
This podcast is very good if you already have some background in English. If you don't, try out other podcasts, listen to them a lot an then come back to these ones. You'll need to listen to each esl aloud many times in order to get practice. Thanks Mr Rosen for this wonderful job.
It really helps me but sentences are too long to repeat after :( BUT im trying to keep up with thoes then someday i can speak English well anyway thank you for you potcast!! Good luck
I'm Khadija from Saudi Arabia, and those episodes help me a lot.. Thank you for every minutes you have dedicated for this wonderful work
Thank you for taking your time posting these lessons on Podcast . These lessons are very easy to follow along, especially with written notes posted on your web site. After repeatly listening to each of the lessons many times, I feel more confident speaking English. After 6 weeks of practicing and listening to your Podcast, I really see the improvement. My friends are surprised and asked, where I have learned English. They said, my accent sounds more like an American. I would highly recommend these lessons to any Enlish learners out there. These lessons are very helpful and they tremendously help improve my English. Again, thank you for your hard work and effort , putting these lessons together for all people like me. Please keep up the good work. God bless you!
i think it's helpful but, it's better if you can read shorter sentences and i can't understand some words
Your repetition sentences are very long.
I am from Poland. Thank you so much- to help foreigners improve English.THANK YOU!
Iam a student from Vietnam. all of your hard work is really helpful to me. I really appreciate those people who contributed their time like you to help foreigners improve English. Thanks so much again!