The After Action Review

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It’s Nick Guy (cool) talking with friendos (cooler). It's fun for all.
Nick might just be okay - but his guest list is second to none. If military, survival, combat or other similar things pique your interest, this is the podcast for you.
Nick is a great host and interviews some amazing people. The conversations he has are second to none!
This show is so entertaining! It’s a must watch / listen to. Nick is an excellent host that has a natural chemistry with everyone he interviews. Special guests galore, each one brings a unique insider view to a wide range of topics.
Nick converse with interesting people. A recommended listen for anyone, be they affiliated with the military or civilian, who has an interest in the military, military history, current events, National security and whatever may be in the news. He’s young he’s hip, he’s creeping bootson TikTok. Give his podcast a listen, follow him on Twitter.
Love the podcast. Must listen
Worth watching video for intro that melts steel beams, cures ED, & makes commies jump outta choppa’s. Reviews important topics & gets your knowledge up no matter how you digest it. 🍻🇺🇸👑
Anyone can talk about foreign policy, matters of national defense and military life. One might even say that you don’t need any sort of resumé to do so. This podcast gives you the perspective of these issues and more from the world’s okayest Green Berets. Being serious for a second, Nick offers a perspective of a range of topics through a lens very few other people are able to experience - that of an elite Army operator. My advice to people is when you get an opportunity to hear something this rare, you take it. A close, almost indistinguishable second is the type and caliber of his guests. Ranging from people you didn’t know you knew like John McAfee to people you definitely don’t know. The podcast is still young but I have little doubt that as it’s listenership grows, so will the consistency of high-quality guests.
Get enuf!