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I can think of a word to describe this podcast other than perfect. I learned so much information about the basketball while never getting bored listening to these guys. If this podcast were to get a grade, I’d give it an A-
I really think you both went into real depth into your opinions you both are great podcasters wish you luck receiving some bigger names!
I honestly didn’t know if Paul George was out after listening to this podcast. But I give it a 5/5 due to the stellar performance from Jake Endara.
Great listening to young guys offering their knowledgeable thoughts and opinions. JB
These guys know their stuff and I’ve learned a lot; I can keep up with the chatter on game night AND throw around some informed comments of my own. Keep on keepin’ on guys! Thank you!
this podcast gives great information and I enjoy listening to the content! I can get bored listening to podcasts but this one is great. This two guys really know there basketball!!
Two very well rounded voices explaining topics with ease. Great dynamic and knowledge behind this podcast! You both know what you are doing and it’s clear that there’s a passion behind this . Facts and points were made clear and honestly not very opinion heavy ! Keep it up , can’t wait to see more . A must listen for sure ! #LetsGoHeat #SuniLand4Life
Very well done. You both have very good voices for the podcast. You guys also know the sport you are covering, especially when you are covering the Heat. Cut out a few “I mean” and you can get a job right now on ESPN. BTW, did u know that Stugots graduated from Clark. Will stay tuned.