Our True Colors

Reviews For Our True Colors

I was so thrilled to stumble upon this show in a Facebook group and couldn't hit the subscribe button fast enough! I've heard "What ARE you?" more times than I could ever count. I'm white and Mexican and while I'm "white passing" I often get asked so many bizarre questions based on my appearance and race and never really had a connect with others who also go through life like that. Thank you for giving us a voice! I'm so excited about this and I'm a fan for life!
Shawna is an amazingly good interviewer. She has the voice for it and she expertly navigates through the interview making it more of a conversation rather than a Q&A. The topic is especially relevant today in America where people of color will become the majority of the work class in 10years. Identity and belonging is therefore going to play a big role.
Enlightening and entertaining in all the right ways. The dynamic between Shawna & Jason is welcoming and like sitting with family. I am excited for the upcoming season and gaining a broader perspective on learning more about my sisters and brothers in our community. I’m already addicted!
I listened to the episode with the father and daughter, both sharing their perspective on being multiracial. It’s so interesting and informative. I️ feel like I learned a lot, wow. I’m excited to hear more!
This podcast is so interesting. I love gaining insight to others point of view. Tune into this podcast you will not be disappointed.
Learning about how DNA profiles can cause a dissonance in a persons identity was. Wry interesting. As a mixed person and racially ambiguous I’ve wondered about the long term impacts of these tests.
I love how you drive home the importance of belonging and inclusiveness when it comes to the way people identify themselves... Like you stated, we are all multidimensional. Keep educating!!!