The Mindalorian

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PTR & Alex Robinson have great takes on Star Wars, and I love their foray into the recap/review format. Looking forward to next season.
Tons of complaining about “flaws” in the show, that spell out how little they know of Star Wars outside the movies
These guys are great in all their podcast. They are super fans who critique Starwars with reason. After Mindalorian start on the Star Wars Minute back catalogue. I’ve been listening since the beginning and will continue as long as they do. Also great content available to Patreon donors but the main podcast is always free.
I now look forward to new episodes of The Mindalorian nearly as much as I anticipate each installment of The Mandalorian proper.
I enjoy the professional commentary
Of all the Mandalorian podcasts done by the Star Wars Minute guys, the Mindalorian is the best.
Is this episode really 6 hours long? I’m only an hour and a quarter in but you’ve got my full five stars. Long form reviews have a place out there. It takes a lot of dedication to pull this off. Well done. Keep up the extended content. By the way, would you guys be willing to do a guest spot on a Clone Wars podcast? Twitter @notthenerds or
Can’t wait for the next episode


By AU83
Not minute by minute, but guess you can’t have everything! Great stuff!
These guys are great, very witty and very funny. There knowledge of Star Wars almost surpasses Lucas himself.