Reviews For M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast (May I Speak Sincerely?) with Angel & The Poet ~Walter LaRaye

Great content! These are two men that I look forward to hearing from. Their podcast is refreshing and really sincere. Love your deep voices and the topics you choose to talk about. Congrats on your 50th episode! -Nicole (ChocolateWastedpod)
Love the vibe and the chemistry between the brothers. It’s so refreshing to see black men being real and raw with their emotions and views on things going on in the world -J RB
Another great episode!!


By Moreo J
I love the sincerity in giving the education as well as the freshness in perspective that comes with every episode.
There is a certain aura that Angel and Walter give off. Very genuine individuals, and you feel the passion behind each word that these gentlemen speak. Real conversations from real people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts to the world. -Glen and Her
Hooked on this podcast! The hosts are real, they are funny, they talk about life events. Really enjoyed the conversations, I totally appreciate this podcast and will continue to listen! -Bringthemio Podcast
First off, I love the name of the podcast. Second, the hosts have great chemistry. They are candid and knowledgeable. Passionate about real world issues, particularly those that impact the lives of black people.
I appreciate the perspectives from seasoned gentlemen like Angel and Walter LeRaye. It's like listening to your uncles talk about the important issues of the day, they're both funny, honest and well informed. I strongly suggest you to subscribe, you definitely won't regret it. -Yung Dolemite
Great episode! I wish everyone could take a moment and listen to just one episode, you won’t regret it. It’s certainly a great drive along podcast and speaks to everyone on some level. Take A listen soon!!!
Great content from these gentlemen. I enjoy the perspectives on different topics. The energy on the show is also a great factor. Keep up the great work fellas! Definitely will continue to tune.
Great show, always entertaining!
I tune in to STANKYSEXA and it was entertaining and gave a different perspective! The points made had me like “YASS” 🙌🏽 I’m subscribed & tune in
“What will they tell my mother?” Great podcast with poignant topics and a voice that we need to hear. If you’re interested in an intelligent platform, look no further.
That barbershop talk, common sense talks -Catchphrase
May I speak sincerely is not it! They should say we are going to be sincere regardless. To honest guys with real opinions. The audio is clean and the male perspective is definitely represented!!! . . . 🧜🏾‍♀️ Durty Mermaid
Thank you for your shoutout on your recent episode! I appreciate the love. Your podcast is prolific, profound, and strong standing in this podcast world! Keep pushing ✊🏽💪🏽
The energy and vibe is definitely felt when listening. We love and support you guys 100000%. Keep it coming Issa vibeeeeee owwwww! Wine Tyme Ladies 🍷
Being present is so important!! This episode really encouraged me to enjoy life, my family and not to take things for granted! Your show is very relaxing and I enjoy the honest conversations . Oh yeah and your voice is very calming lol. I really feel encouraged right now & As long as I have breath in my body, I’m going to let God use me to the fullest and I’m going to love on as many people as possible. God bless you my brother!
Well done show and great content. Lovin it so far!
You brothers really made a sister proud today. Love the synergy between the two of you!! Learned much more about how disproportionately the media and even our own treat the black man!! Keep speaking sincerely. I’m here for it!!!!
So Dope, Real, and Refreshing! Adding this to my rotation!!!


By King A
Finally, some real ish can rock with
It was refreshing to hear these podcasters speak on the issue that has happened around the nation; in particularly the shootings in Dallas Fort Worth Texas. You can feel the pain in Angel's voice at the end of the show while speaking about the loss of innocent lives.