Rear Naked Radio

Reviews For Rear Naked Radio

I really enjoyed listening to the Heath and Andrew Wiltse episodes. Great work.
Good times in my ear holes. Thumbs up
I really love this puddle of depression and anxiety that is Jamie.
comedy realness bjj all rolled up into one. MUST LISTEN!
BJJ knowledge mixed with comedy will have you motivated and laughing.


The grappling scene is filled with right-wing macho trash. Glad to see ppl who’s entire identity isn’t tied into what hobby they do.
Jamie Killstien is the biggest dork I’ve ever seen but they still get guests. Why?
Because of this conversation and seeing for myself what Gordon Ryan has been posting on social media I contacted Flograppling who I subscribed to and asked how they can justify employing and heavily covering him. I do vote with my dollars.
Great podcast guys! Congrats. I’ve taken many classes with Jamie Kilstein when he was at Renzo Gracie Los Angeles (Shawn Williams). His classes were super fun and informative. And his guillotine is no joke. He throws them from everywhere. (I bet he’s working on a guillotine from bottom turtle). Also, BecauseJitsu and Reverse Kimura are quality too. We do the R.K. at Renzo’s. The standing trip, and the back take from guard. Onward & upward, - Brendan Buckley -
Hell no it’s not, It’s the reverse kimura! These guys are great and I can not wait for Drew to drop his reverse kimura knowledge straight into my brain.
Drew and Jamie are hilarious and get top notch guests. I guess my only complaint is that I had no idea that this podcast would turn me on so much? I feel like they should put a disclaimer in their bio that even though the podcast is not at all sexual in nature, their chemistry and humor WILL make you aroused.
First podcast I’ve heard that’s truly dedicated to the sport and the aspects of Jiu jitsu and awesome guests, super great podcast and building the Jiu-jitsu community.
Great jiu jitsu podcast. Solid production. Awesome guests. 10/10
More stars need to express how stoked I am about this show. Great take away to Jiujitsu, life and super funny.


Funny and smart. Can’t wait for the next episode.
Jamie and Drew are hilarious. Great first ep, guys. Can’t wait to see this blow up.
All of them because these guys are at a high level in comedy and jiu jitsu.