Last Week in Internal Medicine

Reviews For Last Week in Internal Medicine

Wow- quality podcast! Entertaining, informative, and inspired. The perfect listen on my daily commute.
Enjoy the distillation of info!
Enjoying the podcast. John Oliver says cease and desist!
Great format! Two young hospitalists reviewing the latest medical literature. Journal Club has evolved. The banter between them is relaxed and entertaining. Their reviews are spot on, highlighting the uncertainty clinicians face trying to interpret and apply current evidence.
Excellent review of articles; quick and to the point, with good insights! My only request is that you put the PMID or link to articles you’re discussing so that we can review them ourselves alongside you! Hope y’all keep doing this for a long time!
Congratulations! This is awesome!
Titans of team room small talk! Bosses of boisterous banter! The preeminent persiflagers of Utah finally distribute their finest frivolity mixed with cutting edge literature reviews.. and now you don’t even have to suffer through five admits from the ER to enjoy! Future Peabody award winning, no doubt!
Stephen is a genius, this podcast concept is genius... Pure genius all around. Definitely worth the listen!


By ABRupp
Love the podcast! But I can’t stand Austin’s recorded voice.