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Reviews For The Advanced Selling Podcast

What a wonderful show. Highly recommended if you want to take yourself or your team to the next level.
We love your show... we look forward to your next episodes! Cheers!
I have been listening for a few years now. I notice when I hear a great episode and recommend it to folks more often than not they come with,” yeah it’s ok, I can see why you like it. Not my cup of tea a little too silly before you get to the meat of the show.” Or ,” feels like they are trying to close a sale on product.” I agree it can be silly, but I guess I have listened enough to know there are times you get great content. But lately I am so tired of hearing about the break room and the food smell. Enough already, it’s not that interesting that someone is using the microwave. Today when it started I just when to a different podcast and will wait a few weeks so hopefully the construction will be complete and they will be back in studio.
Bill & Bryan, hosts of The Advanced Selling Podcast, highlight all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
This podcast previously delivered 15-20 min of appreciated content. Over the last ~3 months this podcast has filled listener’s time with awkward middle age banter, irrelevant and often unprofessional tangents, and regurgitation from advice! Bill / Bryan - please reflect on the last 6 months of the year and decide if ASP is delivering value or static noise at this point.. Questions or comments are welcomed. Look forward to seeing profess. -KF
75% side conversation. 25% content. If we stripped out the side conversation, this might be a meaningful podcast. I’m just not willing to sit through the meaningless stuff to get to the content.
These guys need to learn how to get to the point.
Start the podcasts at around the 5 or 6 minute mark. It will get you past the useless chit chat which has turned most the people off after I turned them on to The Advance Selling Podcast. Very good once they get into the content of the show.
I’ve been on and off listening to this podcast for years. Still one of the best for every stage of your career. Starting out, I learned several habits, tips, and tricks to help. Now, as I revisit the podcast, I’m reminded of the fundamentals and simple things that we tend to forget. Thanks for remaining consistent!
I’ve been with Bill & Bryan for 10+ yrs and have had the pleasure of seeing them build their brand by being authentic. Their teachings touch all levels of selling experience. If you want to separate yourself from the quagmire of sales people in the world, go back to the beginning with Bill & Bryan....where they help you set a launching point for future sales success.....for me it all started with aligning my inner game with my true intent (finding my center). Once this happened their teachings of the sales process fell into place and everything else became interconnected! My Authentic Seller secret....align yourself constantly. It’s like a gyroscope and it’s CONTAGIOUS! Thanks Bill & Bryan.....
I’ve enjoyed the ASP for years. Their format is light, like a “morning show” on the radio. In a few minutes, however, they bring solid, thought-provoking sales ideas to hone listeners’ skills. While geared more toward B2B, I get a lot of application points for my primarily B2C career.
Gosh these guys go on tangents that only they feel are clever witty and funny. It’s almost cringe worthy content. If you can make it through this there is maybe 2 minutes of valuable information.
Love this podcast!
Bill and Brian are great. I love the way they answer questions without discussing them in advance. We have hired Bill Caskey for an onsite and recieved tremendous value. Take it from a guy that has had salespeople for over 22 year. Everyone thinks they can sell but few can. Use this podcast to better yourself and your team.
Sold out to advertisements. They spend half the promoting sponsors the other half with nonsense. Get the challenger sale in iBooks.
Bryan, Bill and their guests provide some incredibly compelling and actionable content geared to help any company take their business to the next level. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Advanced Selling Podcast if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to boost sales (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
I’ve been in sales for a little over 6 years and I continue to learn new things from this podcast. Every episode is has a powerful message and extremely useful tips to gain prospects and KEEP them. My favorite keynote speaker is Ryan Estis! Please consider having him on your show!
I enjoy the topics as a refresher or perhaps even a new perspective on age old sales tactics, but they spend 6+ minutes every episode of rambling/giggling about a "hilarious" event that happened to them that week. Followed by loads of commercials. Being in sales myself, I listen while I drive. I found myself having to fast forward for 7 minutes to get to the topic, which only lasts 7 minutes. Please....just get to the point!!!
Great podcast. The variety of topics covered are wonderful. Highly recommended
Bill and Bryan, hosts of The Advanced Selling Podcast, highlight all different aspects of management and marketing in this can't miss podcast. The hosts along with their expert guests offer insightful and informative advice!
As a guy with a podcast (doesn't everyone have a podcast these days?), I am hard to please -- but this show is fun to listen to and I feel I learn something each time .--- and I keep coming back... wish I knew these guys - they are great!
I am a brand strategist and consumer insights expert. I need constantly bring in more selling elements into my brand and marketing strategies and I have found this podcast really helpful. Marketing is nice, but not effective without sales.
They spend a lot of time talking about nothing but are rather impressed with themselves
Bill is full of incredible knowledge. Knowing Bill and hearing what his goals are is great to know and I think the changes coming up within this podcast will completely help you, as a listener, take advantage of your passions to gain clarity and the techniques you need in order to achieve the level of success you desire.
This approach can be game changing, if you're coachable. If you want selling to be enjoyable, human, relational, and sleaze free, this is a great place to get the knowledge, or the reminders, of how to do your work. If you want to insure that you and your company are not viewed as commodities to be overthrown for the next cheaper deal, this is the way to sell. Also, they are very listenable.
This show has changed the way I think of sales.
A really really really good podcast for sales pros. Whether you're brand spanking new in sales or an old grizzly veteran, Bill and Bryan have tips to help you succeed!
I love this show because I am in sales and when I am driving its something positive and informative to listen to. Nuggets of wisdom every so often as well!
I have been listening for over a year and this is my favorite business podcast. Every single episode you will get a takeaway you can use today!!!
I've been in sales for over 35 years, and these guys have taught me a lot..Would probably prefer fewer commercials, and a bit more focus, but the content is extremely good. If you want to learn the art of selling, plug in. These guys know their stuff..
Good humor, great camaraderie and excellent topic selection in easily consumed releases. I've tried many, but this one checks all the boxes for anyone hustling and still making time strategic self improvement.
I've always wanted to learn more about sales and how to be a better salesperson. This podcast is an excellent starting point. Sometimes they mention good books to read, which is very helpful.
ASP is a gold mine! Bill and Bryan are two of the most genuine guys to listen to, and they spend time on the process not gimmicks and tricks. They have a great sales philosophy and add some great humor to the production. Trust, position of abundance, and running a client centered process makes this podcast refreshing. It's a great shot in the arm and leaves you in a better place and still wanting more. Don't miss it, I don't miss an episode.
This podcast is fantastic, offering actionable advice, great interviews, and invaluable tips and tricks.
I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are seriously working to up your sales game.
I have been in my industry for over 10 years and have just started in a sales capacity in the past few months. This podcast has helped me to combine my deep industry knowledge with a solid sales and consultative framework to be a true resource to my clients. Thank you so much!!
Very entertaining and informative!
these guys are great hosts, and are very fun to listen to. Not to mention, they deliver quality content in each episode.
The guys aren't only entertaining, but also motivating. They help me to keep my mind right, focusing on my true intent of helping others in my market. If you're interested in sales philosophy and practical ideas, this is for you.
Lifesavers!!! I'm new to sales (2.5 yrs) and they saved me from years of fatal mistakes with my customers. I approach every situation 100% differently than I did at the beginning and I'm glad I had a sort time to swim in the pond to understand how these principles step your sales game up from the other guy. Not recommended, required listen for any sales pro.
I’m a podcaster and marketing agency owner and love this show! As Daniel Pink says, we’re all in sales - don’t fool yourself that you’re not. t’s great to be able to re-center yourself with some great sales pros to hep you be smart about and helpful with your sales efforts. Also, make sure to join their great LinkedIn group.
One of the best sales and business podcast, they give great content and advice. The show educates with humor. Thanks Guys.
I have had the opportunity to listen to Bill and Bryan on the podcast, and talk to Bill one on one and what you hear in the podcast is what you get in real life. Bill’’s ability to place peculiar selling situations into easy to understand metaphor is a helpful clinic in story-telling.
Bill & Bryan are excellent; I recommend this podcast more often than any other.
Great podcast for anyone in any type of sales or business in general. Most shows run about 25-30 minutes which is great. Bill and Bryan are veterans in the game and understand that it is changing! 💯
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Bill & Bryan.
This podcast has actionable advice and is confidence building. I love their approach being to be focusing on helping the customer.
I love the sales content this podcast provides. I strongly dislike the introduction stories you provide at the beginning of each podcast. I listen to this podcast in my morning commute each day and I hate having to pull out my phone repeatedly just to skip past the first 5-10 minutes of your podcast every time I'm on the crowded bus or train. Would love to see the introduction shortened or made more relevant. However, keep up the amazing sales content.
WOW…The Advanced Selling Podcast is flat out awesome. Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Bill & Brian. Keep bringing it.