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I love DEI. And I can tell that Kay does too. This show brings together best of breed ideas and guests for important conversations. I’ve used a lot of what I’ve learned on this podcast to promote DEI at work. Kay is a great host who is clearly well versed on the topic!!
No matter where we are in our DEI journes, there is always more to learn, and I am grateful to have Inclusion in Progress as a resource. Thank you!
As one of the old white guys in the room I struggled with my role in drawing attention to DEIB. After listening to this podcast I started to understand where I could be helpful, where the role of the ally can create access and an audience for the voices that need to be heard. And talking with Kay personally? She started me rolling, and I’m picking up speed. I return to this podcast for grounding, ideas, and reminders of what can be done and what I can do.
I love this podcast and the host. The world of DEI is changing fast and becoming more important every day (especially in the corporate world) and I consider Kay Fabella to be THE go-to authority on DEI today. I am a big fan and hope more people find this podcast and help us all make more progress toward equity and inclusion :-) Andy Storch Host of the Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show
Kay’s power of empathy allows her listeners to resonate with the topics addressed, while empowering and representing those voices that need to be heard. This podcast is great for those who have ever felt misrepresented, yet want to be that change agent in their personal or professional life. Keep up the great work!
I enjoy this podcast a lot. Kay is very personable and brings her unique experiences into each episode. It’s wonderful to listen to how D&I manifests in her life.
I’m so excited that Kay is diving into this difficult and important topic. We need as many voices as possible lifting these issues, and hers is an especially great one. Thank you for doing this and I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!
Kay approaches complex issues about diversity and inclusion in a way that is honest, easy-to-understand and encouraging. Each episode acts as a bridge to help minority and non-minority individuals make progress in the space. Definitely a must-listen for any leader who wants to contribute to DEI progress.
I appreciate this podcast. It is very much needed and excited to hearing more and learning how to help and how we can all progress.


By 1Franco
A podcast that finally sheds lights on a topic that people tippy-toe around. Kay starts important conversations on what it means to be not only a minority, but also what it means to open up a conversation that isn’t so easily understood by others. If you have ever felt misrepresented or misunderstood when telling your story in being the only one in your demographic or location then this podcast will help you voice your story. A must listen!
I'm so glad to see Kay initiating the converstaions we all need to be having but aren't sure where to start through this podcast! I'm so excited to learn more from kay through this podcast!
Kay gives a clear definition of diversity and inclusion. She also let’s us know the important difference between the two. I’m looking forward to hearing more on how one can help others feel included by hearing their stories and experiences.