The Treehouse - with Danny Baker

Reviews For The Treehouse - with Danny Baker

The highest compliment I can pay this podcast is that it continues the irreverent nonsense that was The Danny Baker Show (TDBS). I'd been a TDBS subscriber from the beginning and have them securely stored and backed up. If you are of British (or English) extraction and were born in the late 1950s Danny's recall of popular culture from then on is almost photographic. But the trove of information runs much deeper than that. The calls and emails from listeners just add to the kaleidoscope of irreverence filling up your lugholes. Long may it continue. Cheers guv'nor!
Charming hosts discuss topics and listeners’ replies - funny and warm fuzzy feeling all rolled up in this brilliant show. Welcome to the treehouse folks!
Danny Baker is joined by Louise Pepper as they weave a merry path through whimsy. Unique and wonderful, this is what podcasting and broadcasting should be
The best thing in radio land is now the best Hong to podcast world!
Laugh out loud funny, just the best podcast to listen to on a dreary day :D
Great to find Danny and Louise back. Love the banter and stories. But could do without the edgy background sound effects. A definite distraction from an otherwise entertaining podcast.


By MaxT14
Laugh-out-loud fun and whimsy with Candyman and Lou Pepper-Napoleon
The candy man is back missed the treehouse since 2012, can we get 5 days a week and 3 hours a day . Love Lou can we get Kuo back too. Danny is a national treasure
It’s so good to have you back, you have been missed!
Looking forward to a twice- weekly bromide of irrelevance and hobbledehoy in a wicked world. Huzzah etc etc etc!