Oh Here We Go

Reviews For Oh Here We Go

Awesome show! I’ve listened to every.single.one- cant wait for the next🖤🖤🖤
waiting for the next episode to come out!! I love the show and can’t wait to hear more about your spiritual journeys!!
Great show y’all! I love listening while I’m at work. Great topics as well! Keep it up!
I. LOVE. YA’LL!!! Thank you for this podcast. I feel like we are kismet spirits.💫 I don’t know if feels weird to say it feels like y’all are my fiends and I don’t even know you. We have very similar opinions on a lot of topics. Putting Aon the map in the best of ways! Keep it going .. I have to play catch up. It listened to the first episode, then the last, now the second.. I don’t a lot of things in the order you are suppose to. Y’all have given me so much inspiration in my own personal journeys, and continue to do so. I love y’all’s energies! PEACE•LOVE Regards, Rosie 💋✌🏽 @RosieCheeks333 Ps. Y’all remind of Margaret Jo & Terri on NPR’s Delicious Dish - SNL 🤣😂🤣😂 I freakin love it
This was so incredibly good!! I watched Lacey on ANTM & loved her so I loved getting to know more about her. Can’t wait for more episodes!!