The Flower of the Cedar

Reviews For The Flower of the Cedar

Ms. Ben-Avraham’s beautiful story becomes more enjoyable with each installment. Her gorgeous prose and high quality narration alone are worth the price of admission.
I'm only a few chapters in at this point (but will be up to date very soon) and it is a beautiful story so far and Kay does a perfect narration for the style of her story. I'm looking forward to finishing the story!
Reader, there are things that cannot be expressed in an online review, like my esteem for Kay as a writer and as a person who moves through her life and her craft intentionally, and with a combination of deep compassion and wisdom that she has blessedly learned to point toward herself. And now you, reader, will enjoy the benefits, like a wanderer who happens upon a hollow tree, inside of which is a vast network of honeycomb. "Where are the bees?" you may ask yourself. "Who guards this treasure?" And then you look down at your hand, covered in amber, and you see that the honey and the bees, the work and the reward, the story and her author, are all one, and you, in these moments, are welcome to all of it. You cannot know now the richness that is in store for you. Stay close, reader, and learn for yourself.
You will find this podcast to be compelling and hauntingly beautiful. Kay's skill in writing and her voice talents blend seamlessly to make for a delightful listen. Expect to be drawn in effortlessly into the story!
Hauntingly and achingly beautiful. An enchantment that does not soon, and may not ever, wear off.
I spent a weekend in a hotel room in Dubai reading this, regretting that I had to sleep partway through. I cried multiple times because it was so beautifully told. Kay's eye for detail leaves me in awe of her perception, her storytelling humbles me with beauty, and her narration is a perfect match to the tale. I feel very fortunate to be one of the first to read it, and I am desperate for everyone else to know about it, too. I am thrilled to get to hear it all in the author's voice!
Perfect for a bedtime story, Kay’s soothing voice, narrative gift, and intricate prose are an intriguing and lovely addition to any podcast list.
I don’t listen to many fiction or fantasy related podcasts, but this one has caught my attention. Kay is a masterful storyteller with a voice and story that invite you into a new world. Looking forward to hearing more chapters.
An incredible work of art and a beautiful symphony of story to the ears Kay is a master storyteller. Highly recommend!