Reviews For Unbroken: Reclaiming Your Self After Childhood Trauma

Pete has a very methodical way of explaining how our trauma shows up everywhere. It is a great podcast about our choices and relationships that show struggle. Totally feeling the message. I was shook during the Triggers and Rabbit-hole episode. Pete when do we get some new episodes???
From my childhood trauma, this podcast is the best one I have hear yet. Everything hits spot on, and the way he speaks about all of this, is amazing. If I could, I would listen it to it all day, every day. Wonderful job on this podcast.
So many great insights and such wonderful and powerful tips. Thankful for this podcast! 🙏🏻 great job, Pete!
I’m extremely grateful for this podcast, it has helped me in ways I didn’t know I needed help. Thank you Pete for making me feel unbroken.
Love that there are new episodes on the way!!! Thank you being unbroken and helping me see i am unbroken too.
Making so many realizations every episode! Love this podcast!
This has helped me and so many others so much. It is worth listening to.
Thank you so much for creating this podcast. Looking forward to more episodes! — After recently having an emotionally difficult evening, I searched for a podcast under “family dysfunction” in hopes of finding relief in solidarity. I was also looking to learn new ways of thinking to better cope with my inner and outer worlds. Pete Buecker’s emotional intelligence and his knowledge in the field of self help, make this podcast so wonderful. Even the sound of his voice emanates support, peace, and loving kindness.
So thankful for your podcasts. What happened to the website??
It’s so fulfilling to feel that we are not alone in our trauma. Pete definitely validates this point for me. This podcast is very healing and relieving.
This podcast is helping me see my situation more clearly and to work through my pain. A few times it has hit so close and my reaction was so strong it convinced me that is an area I have to work on. Feels true and provides practical ways to start to move on and find my way back to the life I want.
Real life. Smart without being too clinical. I am up to episode 8 and so far it has been a great listen. Dr. Pete passionately is giving us words I really need to hear. Authentically sharing!. Recommended.
An interesting series of events lead me to discover Dr. Pete. His story and work have really resonated with me as I try to discover who I really am, and find healing. This podcast came right on time during my journey. The messages are clear and uplifting, but also straightforward. Totally worth a listen if you’re struggling with some of life’s biggest questions, and are looking for peace.


I have began the process of healing from a lot of childhood trauma. Someone I am working with suggested I listen to a Podcast everyday. I found this podcast and I can say without a doubt it has changed my life. I am learning that my emotions are real, people feel the same way and I am not alone. Thank you for that. I look forward to my emotional work now and I have hope for the future.
Listening to this in conjunction to reading Refuge Recovery and these are creating a clear path to recovery from shame and lifelong addiction to alcohol. Thank you so much!
Our experiences and memories are nothing but the meaning we give it. What a great show. Keep it up!
The phrases that Pete Buecker uses to describe his own thoughts could have been plucked straight from my “inside voice” that I don’t want anyone else to hear. It reinforces hope that I’m not the intrinsically flawed person the little voice inside me keeps saying I am. Looking to break the cycle and the chains.
Every episode has something new to explore and I am enjoying it very much!
If you’r looking for inspirational content, you have to be subscribed to Peter’s show. All episodes are great but I highly recommend the episode:’Face of courage’
Dr. Pete Buecker communicates with truth and passion. His ability to share his own personal experiences help you live your best life and understand who you are and your connection to the world.
The authenticity, the powerful vulnerability and the willingness to create a needed safe space in the world is for everyone who wants to step into greater freedom and courage. Peter takes the challenges he’s even through and uses it as a platform to create an incredible place of belonging and healing for everyone. Definitely check this out!
Pete is the real deal. He’s heart centered, and is bringing massive value in this podcast. Listen now!
Dr. Pete is compelling and inspiring. He will lift you up when you need it most. Worth a listen!