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Love this. Thank you
This podcast really hit home since I was blessed to tour Paisley Park in October 2019. So I can truly envision The Atrium, the studios, the doves, the small kitchen, the entire vibe of that unique place. Plus, the Rainbow Children is 1 of my fave Prince albums. Especially dig Family Name, truly expresses what it means to be an African American aka person of color. Truly dope Episode 1 and I look forward to subsequent ones!
I liked all of the interviews and insight. This was very informative for music and Prince lovers. The downside is that it’s only 4 episodes. It should have been 7, right?
It’s good and interesting but it took me a while to realize it was a commercial for the re-release of the 1999 album. I was wondering why they kept talking about the re-release. But, it’s an extended ad. Still - good interviews and stories.
As someone who was indifferent to Prince back in the day, I found the first episode of this podcast very interesting and informative. I"d never heard the story about the Rolling Stones' fans throwing bottles and rotten food at him and his band...what a horror. People can be so vile. The racial issue underlying this mess is not glossed over, but it's not turned into a big political thing either. At some point towards the end of the episode I realized I was hearing over and over again about the new boxed set with a ton of new songs and versions that we haven't heard before, and I realized this podcast was constructed around its release. In other words, it's a commercial. Fortunately, it's not a cheesy commercial, it actually has substance. I will keep listening to the next episodes and see if it holds my interest. One downside is that the woman narrating the story has a sing-songy, annoying voice that makes me want to tell her to tone it down or stop talking. She's enthusiastic, but it would have been good if someone had given her a few lessons on dialing it back a few notches. Oh well, nobody's perfect. At least she doesn't have a vocal fry, which is way, way worse.
Interviews are great. Some background information very interesting. Well worth the listen. Only issue, and don't be fooled it is an informertial for the heirs to sell the box set. What is next, the heirs suggest a to use a prince song in a capital one commercial. Strike that, they already did that.
So many awesome interviews! This is a one of kind podcast you all did an excellent job. I can imagine Prince would like what you all have created.
Love this!! Thank you guys!! 💜💜


By drjmia
So many rare glimpses into Prince’s life. I couldn’t stop listening!
Wonderful! Beautiful! Lovely! It makes me happy to hear all the stories and appreciate the man and the gifted genius he was. I wish there were never-ending episodes! Thank you for this great piece of work!
Insightful Inspiring Pure fun and amazing ☔️☔️☔️
I LOVED hearing these candid interviews with people that Prince worked with & knew on a deeper level. Each time I heard a familliar song from a performance I've never heard, my Heart stopped to listen with me! Thank you to all who contributed, the writing is informative & amazing, the music is delicious and I am forever grateful to these wonderful Podcasts a la Prince! (ps: to all the haters of "voices" and seeing these Podcasts only as ads, you're missing the PURPLE POINT, people) This is about Celebration, Peace & Love for the real Prince Lovers!! Deep Gratitude & Namaste to The Prince Estate!
The stories are great and from arguably Prince’s most glowing era. Best of all are the talks with Bobby Z, Lisa Coleman, Matt Fink, Dez Dickerson, Vanity and other key personnel who give you all sorts of behind-the-scenes stories that are awesome. Please, please so this for Purple Rain (album and movie).
This is just an ad for the reissue. Gross.


Gives you a great insight to the artist as well as the band. Hoping for a Revolution album in the future. Amazing talent, would love to hear new stuff from them.
Interviews make it worth listening to, but this is an infomercial for the 1999 boxed set. Would have preferred a creditable performer instead of a fangirl as narrator. Would definitely like a follow up on more of his career.
Please, please, please - that midwestern nasally voice has to go. It makes my ears bleed.
Great Podcast ..... now that (P) is gone, everybody can truly say what they saw. When he was alive, to describe him was like trying to describe a star moving a million miles per hour - hard to do ..... if at all !!!
Always searching for a new sound, a new music, a new voice—all new and diverse instruments in himself, he brought prolific artistic works into two millennium. What more, he was a songwriter that brought number one hits for other singers.


I really wanted to listen to this but couldn’t get past the narrators super excited, television commercial style story telling.
Thank you so much for doing this podcast !! It literally brought me joy!! I love hearing the stories and the history of the music and the evolution of the artist!! It was fun to listen to and took me back to the times when I first heard the songs. This was literally the first podcast series I’ve listened to and I see what a labor of love it was for those involved . Very well done !!! Thank you !!!
Okay. Done with round 1, but I feel many more coming. Absolutely a treasure. I LOVE PRINCE!
The host is nails on a chalkboard awful. The tone of her narration is more suited to children’s stories. She just lacks cool. Otherwise this is a must for all Prince fans.
It’s so great to hear all these amazing stories. It’s amazing what talent, vision, and consistency can produce. A thank you for putting this podcast together
It is to promote a box set..ok cool, that said, it also very well done and a must listen. I hope they continue with more prince records.
This is just one, long perky commercial for a "new" album. It reminds me of a VH1 fluff piece. It tries very hard not to offend anyone (assuring us, for instance, that the rockers who boo'd Prince in LA definitely were not racist in any way). Prince brought us Dirty Mind and Controversy - he deserves better than a safe podcast like this one.
It keeps saying “unavailable.” Is this free or for a fee? Are the episodes only available for a certain length of time and then disappear?
Engaging host, interviews, and a chance to hear favorite music and new ones from the vault. Loving this podcast.
What’s the song at 26:40 in episode 1?
I had the pleasure of sharing the same air he breathed... at least 6 times. I knew I was in the presence of GREATNESS.💜
Please do this for every Prince album! I love this podcast so much!
1999 Deluxe has become a multimedia event....The Estate finally got it right. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!
Thorough and fun overview of ‘1999’, well reported and chock full of interviews from the artists who were there at its creation. At times, kind of a commercial for the upcoming rerelease and it’s extras but who doesn’t need more Prince?
Incredible insight into a genius’ craft. 1999 is iconic... this podcast could be a university course in creating legends.
So excited for these podcasts. Hoping this will be a regular offering. Thank you!
The part about opening for The Rolling Stones gives more information than previously I had heard. Why they can talk about songs where Prince is obviously singing in his ‘this will probably go to The Time / Morris Day voice’ and not acknowledge it befuddles me ... Seems like they could’ve had people with a deeper love for & knowledge of his music involved.
Great stories, well narrated, love to hear much much more of these!
Thank you for doing this. I can tell you are a sweet person just listening to you.
A great way to prepare the Prince fanbase for the 1999 Deluxe. Can’t wait to listen to all the tracks!
I enjoyed the 1st episode a lot. Though I was familiar with The Rolling Stones debacle, it never occurred to me that it was a motivating factor behind some of the recording of the album. I love the preview of the released tracks as well. Looking forward to hearing the rest.
Very good stories and interviews but I couldn’t help feeling a little bit like I was listening to a late night infomercial.


By C of E
All the original sounds, stories, terrors and triumphs That would help make one of Prince’s 1st alter egos Jamie Starr which assisted in Catapulting him into Legendary Purple Starrdom!
The sounds that resound when the music starts will always give U that “tingle” no matter how many times IT comes around!!! Phunks Alive!!!
I loved this first episode and can’t wait for the rest to be released. It is great to learn these stories from the people around him.
Well produced with a great mix of unreleased tracks and inspired mix of interviews. Those Stones fans missed one of the greatest performers with a top notch band at his peak
I am a 53 year old unabashed Prince fan who has loved his music for 37 years. I got emotional listening to this podcast and I am excited to listen to the next one as soon as it is published. I love this!
A look into Prince's past and so excited to hear more! #ripmybeautfiulone