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This helped me understand relationships so much better, especially women.
What an awesome teaching on the Song of Solomon!!!
What a great message!!!! I learned so much.


By ctscsc
My husband listen to this before we got married 15 years ago. It made the biggest difference in our marriage. Love it
This is by far the best series of sermons done on the Song of Solomon. Someone bought me the tapes while I was in college and I have listened to them more than a dozen times. I highly recommend this series to everyone: teens, those dating, engaged, newlyweds, and those married fifty years.
Very informative, entertaining, and relevant
Just listen. It's so worth it.
Humorous, insightful, but above all useful and real. Good for people who want to prepare for a healthy future relationship, strengthening a current relationship, or for helping heal broken relationships (and coming out a better person for it). Through all the teaching, the focal point is God and His desire to have a healthy relationship with each of us on a personal basis. I've told many friends about this series and will continue to push people towards it. BTW, I have owned this series for 10 years, before it came out on iTunes. It is still helping me prepare for my future relationship and marriage. The divorce rate in the US (higher than 50% at the time of this writing) would be drastically affected if people open their minds and hearts to what the content of this series is all about.
My sister attends his church and recommended this series. Amazing. I now have a new mindset on how my marriage should run--biblically and know that if I am doing every thing that I can, other things will be more likely to fall in place as well. Thanks Tommy. Beautiful and thought provoking series.
Great mix of scripture, education, and humor. Tommy is passionate about this topic and knows the subject matter inside and out. He does an excellent job of applying it to TODAY's life events especially as it relates to marriage and relationships.
Tommy Nelson is one of the greatest communicators of God's Word today. He knows God's heart and tells speaks truth. SOS is a must for anyone that is dating, courting, married or single. I think that includes everyone. Now if we can just get Tommy's weekly sermons on here we would be set.