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My buddy is the one who gave you the bracelet in the steam room.. 100% true...
Great Podcast I love this Podcast
Might just be one of the smartest podcasts around. Whether it’s Sports, Political or Social issues, these two deliver beautifully. Love it!
Love Charles and Ernie - they can do it all!!!! So funny to listen to this in June, 2020. Charles and Ernie’s comments will last forever - you two don’t need Tim Kiely - he just doesn’t fit!!!!!
Come on why get political. Get back to basketball please
Probably my favorite podcast at this point in time. A quarantine favorite for sure. Started out just enjoying the banter between Ernie and Charles, but the interviews are outstanding. The guest line up is impressive and they really open up with the hosts. Always learn something and without fail laugh a lot. Perfect combination. Thanks guys for a great show. It gets better and better. Keep up the good work and keep your towels on!
Great awesome fantastic wonderful podcast with EJ and Chuck. Honesty is the main theme with this show. Best 2 guys in the world.
Just listen to this podcast and there is no way you will regret it.
Charles and Ernie, First of all I love the chemistry between you guys. Charles, when you were with the Suns, you so inspired me with your playing that I had a tatoo of a ball swishing through the net and rays of sunshine surrounding it put on my ankle. I am a white South African 72 year old Lady and thank the both of you for your interesting and humorous take on things. Warmest regards to both you, Sir Charles and Ernie, Maxime Fogelman
I’ll make it five stars when chuck interviews mj
Just as they provide on TNT, EJ and Chuck share insights, humor, interview a great variety of guests and present thought provoking, relevant content. The pod always brings laughs and a few great thoughts! Much appreciation and love!
A great balance of entertainment, humor and some reflective, thought-provoking insight from Ernie, Charles and their guests.
Are you kidding me Ernie and Charles! You guys are the bomb! Only problem is that there’s only one a week!
Really appreciate this podcast
I love these guys so much. They make me smile during this horrible pandemic!
This is the best podcast! Love hearing Ernie and Charles. Visitors are great. I am laughing literally out loud. Brightens my day and week. Love you guys. Can’t get enough! Stay healthy and stay safe. God Bless!
I’m only 12 and this podcast lets my mind grow wisely
I just wanted to watch an episode and this ad just keeps coming back man, every time
I hate this podcasts
EJ and Chuck are a great combo. Favorite podcast by far!
Add Shaq for maximum support


I really enjoy listening to the podcast while at work. Really brightens my day. I have a job that I HAVE to do and listening to Charles and Ernie is the highlight of my week. How awesome would it be if the podcast was on daily. I would then have a job that I HAVE to do but I GET to listen the funniest and informative podcast of all time.
Hey you guys need to interview Steve Harvey
Fun Podcast, never know what to expect
I’m a female, have kids, too busy for Podcasts...ended up watching the old and awesome Dunking Contests! I was about to change The channel, but I saw chuck & heard Eric say naked men in a steam room...quick hook, then Chuck started yapping, I started laughing & thus, MY VERY FIRST PODCAST!!! Thank you, I love it. I will also have to be better with time management BECAUSE OF YOU TWO! Xxoo
I would give anything if I could talk to Ernie and Charles about my 16 yr. old grandson I’m raising! I’m a disabled Mema, with MS! If I could talk to you just one time, about my grandson, I would be so grateful!
Yes, in the world. Ernie and Chuck have a way of doing what they do that is unmatched and simply the best. In. The. World. The people they bring in and the people around them are fortunate.
This is genuinely some of the best content on the internet. Chuck and Ernie do such a good job. Keep it up.
First of all.... amazing. Love, Love, Love Charles and Ernie together.
love chuck and ernie
I love this podcast!! You guys need to post this on YouTube
I loved Charles as a player and I love him as an analyst. I’ve been to Leeds, Alabama before, and for Mr. Barkley to escape is inspiring. Ernie Johnson is a LEADER, and an overall good man. Love this podcast
Inside the NBA is my favorite thing to watch in the world! These two are the two best in sports media and have the most respect for Charles because he keeps it REAL. ALL THE TIME. EJ also one the most honorable and Intelligent dudes we have in sports media. LOVE IT
Love the show. Charles is one of the realist people on the planet. Always speaks his mind and a lot of times he is absolutely correct.
Chuck: (singing the star spangled banner) Ernie: sounded like an air raid siren That’s why 👆🏽👆🏽
Interview in Moment by Moment was one of the warmest and heartfelt I’ve heard. Please stay real.
This show is beautifully produced!! The show is music to the heart!!! Chuckster and EJ are truly a match for joy to our joyful lives!!!!! A+++++ to al!!!!
Top tier stuff here man. Love these guys
I love this!!! Just wish Kenny Smith was with you guys
I tune in for EJ and Chuck I don’t need to hear anyone else. One star until you just let them talk
I’d follow Chuck anywhere.. even a stream room.
Hey guys good stuff on the Pod - TheRealKasonJayne
man this is great with no shaq to stall anything
I love EJ, Kenny, Shaq and Chuck on TNT. But EJ, Chuck and Trump-hating Jake Tapper (from fake-news CNN) is boring. I recommend listening to Jason Whitlock if interested in sports/politics.
I’m not a sports enthusiast but these guys are so entertaining! They talk about all kinds of things not only sports and basketball. Love it!
Started listening to this about three days ago on a long drive home. I will say that I usually don’t listen to podcasts, and if I do, I don’t listen to them thoroughly. This has been one of the few podcasts that I genuinely enjoy. I get Chuck and I get Ernie. What else could you need? I hope this lasts a long time and gets many many guests and attention. The potential is high. Keep it up guys. Also, Chuck I have another lokai bracelet with your name on it.
Keep the content coming. Love it !