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Less Gerry more Montane
Get well soon Gerry and use your convalescence to snap out of it and get on the BIDEN TRAIN! It’s a getting nearer. Soon it will be with you!


If this guy were my father, I’d kill myself and leave a note telling him why I did it.
I am missing my #1 podcast!


By kevbomc
Get well soon Gerry
His honesty and the fact that he tells it like it is keep me listening every day I look forward to it daily.
Gerry has zero sense of humor and is afraid of Kirk Minehan. And the producer laughs at his own jokes, which is weird.
He appeals to the absolute worst in society, constantly pushes dog whistle racism, full of conspiracy theories and loves lying when he’s offended by the truth. Just look at his twitter feed, it’s filled with the absolute dumbest and worst followers you will find anywhere. That’s who Mr fivehead is, that’s what he promotes. I’m only surprised he wasn’t fired sooner
Gerry is a character
Should still be the morning talk king of Boston, clowns at WEEI that canned Gerry.
Awful transphobic and offensive but gives me something to do.
Great show today Gerry!
Great show, listen every day. Gerry, the NHL at its award dinner on Monday from Nashville honored the survivors of the Covenant School and brought out the two hero cops who saved so many people and who have otherwise been ignored by the mainstream media. How ‘bout a little shout out on your show to the NHL for doing that?


Ignorant and intolerant.
Always a great show. This is where I get all my news. Can’t get it on TV anymore.
Gerry; STOP with the Trump bashing. I suggest that you just eat your beans and leave your PORK ALONE !
Gerry Callahan is one of my favorite conservative commentators. He calmly, articulately and brilliantly exposes liberals behaving badly. He is one of the most articulate commentators in the business, using words like a surgeon uses a scalpel.


One star for your TDS. You sound like a liberal Gerry.
So conservative his head is in the ground. An archaic man that was carried by others to ratings
Gerry Callahan is a treacherous shape-shifting lizard, and an undistinguished fourth-rate talk show host. In spite of his blatant transphobia and homophobia, he regularly spends his free time crossdressing whilst traveling from rest stop to rest stop on I95 in pursuit of strange men for no-strings-attached purely physical relationships.
Been listening since day 1. 3+ years ago during Covid. But I’m out. Trash on Trump everyday? For the President that has done more for the Republican Party than any in the last 50 years? I thought you like having a fighter like Trump, Gerry. Fickle!
I have listened for years. I never listen to that old unmentionable station from the past.


By a_dg
Just wish Turtleboy was on more. Not sure what happened with that


By lysol8
Horrible show
Like, when demonstating how President Joe Biden has been a notorious liar through the years, Gerry belts out (trying to control his own cynical laughter) "Joe said his Dad - a devout, Irish Catholic of. a much earlier generation - was one of the early defenders of the Gay rights movement." Yeah, right. I was havin' a belly laugh right along with Gerry.
I loved the show up until he let Trump Down he has no back bone and I no longer listen to this show #Trump2024#let’s go Brandon
It’s like a combination of Alex Jones on Info wars and Quanon. He actually was good on sports radio but he’s not a Republican anymore. He's a conspiracy theorist. It’s fear Based surface level politics.
Gerry Callahan is a Boston radio legend, fearless, funny and always relevant. From sports to politics he always entertains and I’m always excited to hear what he has to say. Great podcast - great guests, 5-5 stars!
You guys are the best never miss it!! Craig should be more involved he’s awesome. Gerry, like Ted Cruz you should go on the coven.
Gerry does a great job. The bad ratings/reviews are clearly meant to drive the numbers down by angry leftists that are all in on cancel culture. Grow up and don’t listen if you don’t like honest views of the insanity from the last few years.
Great show, have to listen Mon - Thursday.
Donald John Trump born June 14, 1946


This pod is hilariously bad. Gerry tries so hard to be Hannity or Carlson and it comes off as a bad SNL skit. Veiled racism, always the victim, right wing talking points, blah, blah, blah. Now I see why Minihane distanced himself from Gerry. 👎🏼👎🏼
Your Alex Jones take was worse than CNN
Kirk and Callahan back again!
So good to listen to genuine, sensible and honest dialogue with all the crazy goings-on in this United States of hypocrisy. Keep up the good work Gerry !!
Have listened to Gerry since the WEEI days. Pod is really good. Professional, well thought out. Good pace. Done always agree with Gerry’s radical right views. But he is more of a centrist than he is portrayed.


Would rather listen to my dog vomit
I listened to Gerry for years on WEEI. I’m not up with Tech so after he “left”, I moved on with the next vanilla offering. I recently thought about Gerry and found he had a daily podcast and had my kids show me the ropes to join. The Show is awesome! It’s what I’ve missed…..a voice of reason on contrarian content. You don’t have to like it, nor do you need to agree, but it’s free speech and I love it.
Clearly he is racist and he is uncomfortable obsessed with people who change gender. It’s pathetic to be honest and I question why he’s so obsess over it. Seems like he has some demons of his own. Feel bad for this angry old man. Hopeful he goes and gets help for his issues.
Gerry has absolutely no loyalty to anyone except himself. Dino, Kirk, Cullinane, and Carano. Absolutely spineless.
Gerry is the best!
I try so hard to listen to this. But Gerry’s homophobic paper tiger existence just doesn’t allow me to. Such a “tough guy”… oh my. Meow.


By ncloso
Craig is so much better with Gerry than Carano ever was!
I lost a lot of respect for Callahan with the Way he handled caranos attempt at canceling turtleboy. Gerry’s whole show is supposed to be anti-cancel culture, not sure what happened
Carano was gooood, Craig is gooood. The munchkins are garbageeeee.
His takes are old, out dated, and boring. It’s really just old man yells at cloud. He rolls out old takes recycled for every topic. He’s become a stereotype of an old white man who’s mad that things cost more than a nickel. The hypocrisy is so clear and obvious. He clearly lost the ability to think for himself and just listens to Fox News and repeats whatever he hears. It’s sad to see a legend fall so far someone needs to tell him it’s time to hang it up.