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The Spiel has been around for years and has been a staple of my podcast listening from the beginning. Highly recommended. Nice work guys!
Well written and researched, providing a timely information on the boardgame hobbie.
This is a little bit of a long podcast, but it is the most indepth discussions of games that you can get in podcast form. Besides highlighting the newest and hottest games, they also have a backshelf spotlight which brings older games to the forefront, which is a really nice change of pace. An excellent show, you should give it a shot.
Great job guys! I've listened to every episode you have out there, and I always enjoy the show. I only wish you would not spend three episodes on GENCON. Not that I don't want some coverage, but three shows worth? That said, glad you were funded for 2013 and look forward to more excellent content from The Spiel. Spiel on!
This is a great podcast with amazing production qualities. Go with the enhanced version to make it even better. Each episode has the most in depth coverage of a single game you will ever see. In addition to the featured game from each episode, your will learn a lot about board games form the other segments. You can't go wrong.
The hosts of The Spiel are more enthusiastic about their hobby, and more friendly in general, than any other podcasters out there, and what a difference it makes. Being positive works!
2 to 3 hours for one show is just too long. I like my podcast to stick to an hour or less. I just seem to tune out after about an hour of any podcast. I have dropped many a podcast after years of listening when shows started to consistantly get long. I would prefer a 1 hour show every week rather than the long show.
This is a excellent podcast. David and Stephen do a great job explaining and reviewing many different games. It doesn't matter if you are a casual board game player, or a veteran collector/player. Their show has everything and their enthusiasm comes through in everything they do. You will not be disappointed. -Phil C.
Stephen and Dave do a great, well-organized, easy-to-follow gaming podcast focusing on board games, including related games such as card or tile games. Regular features such as the Name that Game contest, Truckloads of Goober, and The LIst give listeners what they want and expect. Dave and Stephen have also given back to the gaming community through their non-profit Spiel Foundation. Two thumbs way up for this podcast!
This podcast is great for anybody interested in games. Whether you are new to the gaming world or an old pro, the Spiel guys have something to offer. You will not be disappointed!
Great podcast with insightful hosts. Interesting segments and exciting game explainations and reviews are the strengths of the show. Strong production value sets this above many of hobby game podcasts.
IMHO this is simply the best of the Boardgaming podcasts out there and rises far above the others in production value. I listen to this one without fail and always am ready for the next episode to be released. "The Fury of" Matthew Fisk (Spiel Nickname)
The best boardgame podcast period!
The Spiel is an incredibly polished and useful game podcast. The video shots are helpful to understanding the flow of games and to get a sense of their components and themes. The podcast is also broken down into segments which can be listened to separately or skipped over if you are uninterested in that segment of the show (which rarely happens in my case!). I like all the segments, but I particularly appreciate the detailed reviews and explanations of games. The Spiel really helps you to assess whether a game is for you. I also get a kick of the enthusiasm of the hosts. They've got the podcasting art down to a science!
This is a very well prepared podcast about designer games. AAC Picture stream illustrates the podcast very well but the audio stands alone even without it. Reviews are very thorough. Lots of listener interaction with segments for listener e-mails and contests. Their exceedingly strong Indianapolis accents grow on you after a while.
I have listened to a lot of boardgame podcasts and I keep coming back to The Spiel. It has a fun vibe, good organization (no excessive rambling), and a VERY diverse set of games being discussed. It's also missing the unpleasant negativity of some podcasts out there that suffer from "jaded veteran syndrome." Listen to this1
This is a great podcast! The hosts are knowledgeable, and always sound like they're having a great time. Love the enthusiasm! The detailed game overviews usually give me enough information to decide whehter I'd like to try or buy the game myself (or if it might be an utter waste of time). Thanks for the podcast!
I listen regularly to multiple board gaming podcasts, but the best, most professional is easily The Spiel. This is my favorite audio source to learn about many games and get a very accurate sense of how much I might enjoy each. Plus, contests each episode and a dedicated community can get you involved if you want. I'm disappointed that I've already listened to their 80+ episodes, and now I have to wait between new episodes!
Just started to listen to this podcast, but the hosts are engaging and really let you know how a game is. Keep up the great job! Can't wait til you are back from your break!
One of the best gaming podcasts out there. Great format, good segways, stays on topic, interesting reviews, good chemistry, current information, good variety of old and new games, etc.
I've been listening to The Spiel for a long time now, and it's become perhaps my favorite boardgame Podcast. A lot of this is due to the interaction of the hosts, Dave and Stephen--it's obvious that they not only enjoy games, but enjoy each other, and their friendship and positive attitude is a lot of what makes the 'cast such a pleasure to listen to. They have regular segments (very few format changes) covering both older games and new games. Loads of nice touches, too, such as when they review games with a historical theme where they include a lot of the historical background, even sound bites. They also cover almost the full range of boardgames (the one exception is wargames, and are a bit less focused on the heavy "conflict" or "player-elimination" games). Definite thumbs up!
I love listening to the spiel. I love listening to anybody that has this much passion talk about the subject that they so enjoy. It certainly doesn't hurt that I happen to enjoy their topic of conversation as well. The Spiel is about games. Board games, dice games, tile games, board games, euro games, GOODBER GAMES, marble games and anything else you can imagine. These guys know what they're talking about but don't assume they know it all. Stephen and Dave are all around great guys and they will take the time to answer everybody that has a question or comment and they put a lot of time and effort into making this show. They really deserve all the props they can get. "W"
The Spiel is simply the best boardgaming podcast available for those in the hobby. It's very structured and provides a deep look in to specific titles. Stephen and David make a great team and the show is consistantly excellent. Spiel on!
I've listened to just about every boardgaming podcast out there at least once or twice, and The Spiel is the one I keep coming back to. It's extremely well produced, with clear audio and many advanced features, and the show is well organized, with recurring segments and none of the topical meandering of some other podcasts. In terms of the content itself, I love that the show has a euro focus but with many sidelines regarding older, less well known games. And finally, the Spiel's greatest strength is that the hosts are able to capture the fun of playing boardgames! If you don't have that in a podcast, turn it off and just go play one!
These guys love board games and it shows. Every show is a passionate and interesting discussion of game news and reviews with interesting contests mixed in. A "must subscribe" for anyone interested in board games.
These guys are knowledgeable and likeable, and their production value is top notch. More importantly, they're all fired up about games and playing them - and their excitement is contageous! Be sure to watch the podcast picture change throughout. They include lots of pics of game bits as they describe it, which helps immensely. For my hard drive space I actually prefer this audio 'cast with pics, over all other game video 'casts. Thanks guys - keep it up!
Great podcast on gaming. Segments are well-thought-out and unique and the casters are definitely well-versed in the gaming world. Definitely check out episodes 12 and LATER...early episodes have very poor audio quality and that should NOT turn you away from a great podcast. 12+ have EXCELLENT quality audio! -Zach
If you are into games this is a wonderful Podcast. If you are looking for a great game Podcast look no further. These guys really know their stuff!! Also included are all the links you would ever need to find the games mentioned. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is sometimes the audio is a bit off, but I'm sure that will get fixed. Fantastic job guys keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing more.