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I have loved Croz everyday of my life. This podcast only makes me realize how blessed this generation is to share him with other generations. You did it David!!! I remember thinking after the liver surgery thinking he had AT BEST 7 years. That was almost 30 years ago.
Really dig the story telling and the new perspective gained by listening to the stories and lives behind some of my favorite music & songs. At times, the conversations drifts a little with too many 'yeah' / 'mm hmm' responses. Overall, give it a listen and cherry pick the best parts : )
This is THE signature interview of David Crosby. Lots of ground covered and Steve Silberman’s relationship with Crosby spans decades his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject makes for an amazing interview. This will the historic record fans and scholars will turn to.
So cool 🤯
Delicious conversation, deep musical exploration for super fans or Crosby-curious alike.
Great work Steve
David Crosby has been a voice welcome in my ears for a while. I’ve even learned a thing or two from his music. Steve Silberman is asking much of what i would ask. And they share some music in here that i’ve never heard before. Thanks, guys!
see title
Yes, I'm a fan but learning about the man behind the music is fresh and fascinating. I'm 10 years his junior so I've been there from his beginnings as well as all his musical iterations. I think this man is underrated. Not only was he at the forefront of the cultural shift in popular music in the 60s, he is STILL creating, recording and performing!!! He's not resting on his laurels as some musicians of his generation are, if they managed to live this long, and he sounds better than ever. He is ripe. He is juicy. I wish I could sit down and sing a song with him.
I was sucked in almost instantly... and as a long time Croz (& especially “new Croz”) fan, I was thrilled/thankful that the focus of the discussion wasn’t only (or even primarily) “the old days” (although there’s enough of that to satisfy any of us aging hippies longing for some backstory there too).
If your a fan of Croz, you have to take the time to listen to this in-depth , casual interview. Great music, questionable politics and totally enjoyable. A great couple of hours spent listening on a chilly winter day brought warmth to the room.
Wonderful and intimate and incredibly revealing. The dynamic between the two friends gives this podcast a real fly-on-the-wall feel. Highly recommend. I laughed. I cried. I can’t wait for more.
What brown nosing tripe. Wanna waste time? You’ve hit the jackpot. Listening to this guy jerk Crosby off should be used in lieu of waterboarding. Pure torture.
The chemistry between the host and David is great, clearly they’re old friends. It’s a different kind of podcast, as if you’re listening in on their conversation over dinner. David whining about money, streaming platforms and young musicians not being able to stand out in E1 really bothered me. Struck me as very tone deaf and out of touch. The industry might not be the same as the CSN heyday but there are still so many lanes for great artists to thrive, with their records and touring.


His life story: the sixties, Hollywood heratge, BYRDS & CSN & CSNY, medical wonder, drugs and prison... even without music, Croz’s life story is worthy of memorialization. But...the music! It’s super high quality. He brings “it” every time he plays out. I love the myth, the man, his music, and his philosophy of life/politics. Thanks, Croz, being your fan has never been boring!
I have heard you say yourself that you were also as much of an ego tripping a-hole as the other 2-3 members of CSNY. Yet on this hour long podcast with your sycophantic buddy all you do is take direct or veiled shots at your former band mates. One of those band mates, the one starting with a S, has a catalog pre-CSN that dwarfs your entire career. Yup, Stills was that prolific in the Springfield no matter how great your Lighthouse records are. I haven’t even finished episode 1 and it is hard to listen to essentially an infomercial for your last several albums. You and your bud are running out of hyperboles and superlatives for them and your new collaborators. Oh, btw, you were spot on in describing the Steely Dan take on Wooden Ships, the music was incredible. However, you know that outtake from 1969, where Stills & Nash coax you into singing an exaggerated snippet of Come On In My Kitchen? Sadly, you are veering a tad towards parody with your vocals on that one. Anyway, all said and done, I am one of your biggest fans and love you and your music to death. Everybody’s Been Burned mended my heart in 1986, thank you! But so did Expecting To Fly, 4 + 20 and Simple Man. Mend those bridges, stop with the potshots. See ya next time in Ridgefield!
A Must listen!
What a wonderful little podcast! Author Steve Silberman sits down with “the world’s most opinionated man,” David Crosby for an in-depth discussion of David’s musical past and present, the evolution of the music industry, and the relationships he’s gained and lost. Listening to this, it feels more as if two old friends are sitting down to have a chat on the reflections of life, than merely a podcast or interview. There’s a feeling of heart felt honesty and discussion... and to be honest, will be the closest most of us will ever get to a personal sit down conversation with David Crosby. A+ podcast, great editing and accompanying music!