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An excellent discussion about the culture and influences of this era which undoubtedly set a blueprint for the trials and tribulations of the 20 th century and beyond.
Very informative and interesting, it's clear the work the host puts into each episode, well-researched, exceptional production value, this is a quality podcast for history buffs, you won't be disappointed!
Started off with the British Raids in East Africa and had to pause it so I could make a cup of tea to enjoy because I knew I was in for a good time. With Noah at the helm, discussions are effortless and informative. Look forward to checking out more. Subscribe and listen now!
Victoria's World has been a great listen thus far! I greatly enjoy the approach of examining different facets and subjects of the Victorian era with each episode, and the guests that Noah talks with each episode are highly knowledgable and insightful. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone with an interest in the Victorian era!
Noah is a great host, and the subjects are really fascinating. The sound quality is top notch, which is usually what makes or breaks a podcast to me. I felt like I was listening to a pbs documentary. I especially loved the Frankenstein episode!
Noah Tetzner's new podcast combines history, storytelling, and expert interviews in a way that feels intimate, yet grand. And by exploring the life of the middle-class everyman in Victorian England, he brings to life the experiences of people that we rarely encounter in our history books. Any history buff will love this one!
Really great podcast if you love history like me! I got into Victoria due to pbs show and this goes right along so if you liked the show try this podcast!
I’m enjoying this podcast, especially since I am teaching 19th century history to high schoolers this year, including the Victorian Age in Britain as well as U.S. history. The guest line up is really great, too.
Noah has created a podcast that once again brings forth experts in their field. The topics covered thus far and previewed are seldom discussed in other History podcasts. Though this podcast is new, the first few episodes promise this will be another gem from Noah.
Great production, great writing, great cover art, and fascinating history. To nobody's surprise, Noah knocks it out of the park yet again.
Another Great podcast from a Great podcast host! Thanks for gracing the world with yet another amazing production.
An ambitious project that illuminates a fascinating historical era. Noah does a great job of assembling a wide range of experts and scholars, each tackling a specific facet of the Victorian era and the British Empire. Really enjoying it.
Noah is one of the best history podcasters out there and he doesn't dissapoint here. If you're looking for a high attention to detail on a deep drive through the Victorian era, this is a great place to land.
Noah has done it once again! Another engaging and informative podcast that I can’t wait to binge all the way through. A must listen for history lovers.
Looking forward to this beautifully produced podcast! Noah is a fantastic and well read host and his delivery is intelligent and pleasant. What an interesting subject to delve into! Can’t wait for more.
Noah is not new to the podcast world, and it shows in how polished his new show sounds. Victoria’s World has the DNA of a truly special podcast, and I can’t wait for the new year to see how Noah transforms potential into creation!
“The History of the Vikings” (hosted by Noah Tetzner) has featured many compelling conversations about Northern Europe during the Middle Ages. Now, Mr. Tetzner turns his attention to one of my favorite historical subjects, 19th Century Britain. He’s a great host
I’m so glad that I found Victoria’s World! The introduction episode was an enthralling listen and makes me excited for what’s to come on this new podcast.
Noah’s back with another great podcast! Absolutely amazing just like his other ones.
This podcast is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m a great purveyor of history podcasts and am delighted to see that Noah Tetzner has created one on the Victorian Era. I look forward to listening to his new podcast.
I have been a listener of Noah Tetzner's ''The History of Vikings'' for over a year. I'm a great fan of Noah's work and am excited to see that he has created a new history podcast! The introduction to Victoria's World was gripping and I can't wait to hear more!