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U should listen when she posts cuz its FUNNY AUDIO startin w/ her smoky voice..., then content w/ the funnaids clips and goof phone calls. Luv it ..listen or your a fem.
Sick, Twisted & Disturbing... Just the way I Like itIt takes a special kind of person 2 appreciate this type of humor. It is FAR beyond any other podcast u have ever heard.
When I ran out of the sick and twisted humor of Strangers With Candy, I stumbled across Cheryl Merkowski and her explicit problems. She was exactly what I was looking for to fill that hole honaye! So if you're a fan of gross, dark, nonsenical, and above all politically incorrect humor, this show is a must!!! A++++++!
omg if you have a sick sense of humor. then you will enjoy this. I about laughed until I peed my pants (or poo).
I really tried to listen to this several times over, and it is just bad, bad, bad.
And yet I can't stop listening.
I'm addicted to the great smokey, prolapsed one!!! Need my fix every day. Thanks Cheryle!!
I love Cheryl, she is hilarious. You should listen to her show it is disgusting, but hilarious she always finds a way to surprise you. You may think Cheryl's said all the gross things she can say, but her next progrum comes out and wam, she's got something new. I love Cheryl, you probably will too.


By obx
she's smokey baby
No, she don't like ugly, SHE LOVES UGLY! Because this ugly nasty woman is hilarious. ZShe is extremely crude however. Whillst I prefer not to discuss the workings of my own prolapse. I certainly do enjoy listening to this nasty tan smoker push hers back in with a capital SQUOOSH!
nasty, I hate you the most!
Cheryl Merkowski's show is brilliantly produced and hillarious. Just don't eat when you are listening. Cheryl really cares about the community -- and it shows. A fun and intellectual listen.
Cheryl is a leather faced, bitter, rude, disgusting, smelly, gross, vulgar, and just down right nasty! All the qualities I look for in a Gal-pal. 5 stars and twist and a snap!!
FINALLY!!! A podcast I can enjoy with my HOLE family!!! I'ts so HARD to find podcasts in this day and age that have "family friendly" content!. Keep up the good work Cherly!
Cheryl is one SICK woman! Keep a close eye on the chil'rens! The bacon is always sizzlin' and SMOKEEE!
Cheryl MerCOWski is great gal. She is one of the funniest tanners I know!!!!! You may not understand it the first time you listen to it, but by the second time, you will be rolling on the floor laughing outloud!!! CHERYL MERCOWSKI FOR BLESIDENT IN 2008!!!!!!
Cheryl, I'm loving you on Madge's Friday advice shows. I wrote her about how I look forward to yall every week. I would keep writing but I'm fini go. Next time let a Blactress know u got a show out instead of me finding you by mistake.