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The new senior pastor (Mike Erre) at evfree has a unique gift in sharing about God and His Kingdom and how the church should be functioning … if you've been around church for a while this can shake up your understanding of church in a good way, and break through traditions that may have missed Jesus' actual message and intent to His people / the church. Mike cuts through with honesty and genuiness and is a humble messenger God is using … don't get hung up on the messenger though and allow yourself to hear from God and be transformed through rethinking how you do church and how your faith does matter in this day and age and how God's Kingdom operates. These messages hold Truth from God that couldn't be more relevant in our day and age where we often miss out on what God's is up to in the world … especially in western christianity.
So glad to see this new podcast - now we can take the sermons and informational updates with us! Would love to hear some of the wonderful music from services if that is possible? Thank you!
Dale Burke is a wonderful teacher, it's all about CHRIST. The other pasters are great too. What a awesome group of teachers, and its all free, Praise God!!