I like his regular shows but I have NO INTEREST in hearing his outtakes when he’s cussing like a little child.
The narrators voice is nice. However, his behavior is not. There are episodes where he's belching, using swearwords, being completely ignorant and obnoxious. I had to unsubscribe. What a train wreck of a podcast.
Just stumbled upon this podcast December 2022. I listen to a lot of podcasts in this similar genre. This one is very well done, I look forward too and hope there are more to come!
No lie. But this is my favorite true crime. He isn’t consistent on putting them out, (probably because it pays so well lol) but you will binge everything if you start them.
So many people were quick to give this podcast host a bad review because some episodes were put out erroneously before the editing took place. He quickly resolved the issue once he was made aware of this happening, along with an apology prefacing the edited version. I bet the same people aren’t as eager to give a good review …..smh This is a great podcast: several stories I’ve not heard of before with clear and concise storytelling, no spewed opinions and speculations.
Is there no editing in this? This is a joke, repeating every line, dry mouth um gross - no
A rough version of the Roxanne Paltauf episode was inadvertently released before it was edited- the fully produced version has been uploaded on 9/29 to replace it I apologize that this happened and appreciate your understanding
In the latest episode, the podcaster stumbled over his words what seemed like over 20 times. He attempted to re-read his script and even then, he was still stumbling. He also missed several lines and spoke to himself that he should “do a transition here.” The podcaster’s delivery was extremely poor. Is there a reason why this episode was released?
Listening to the latest Roxanne episode. Seems to be an inappropriate blooper reel. This is someone’s family member, loved one. The laughing and mistakes and “another transition here” is so unforgivable. Who releases something like this????
Did you accidentally upload an unedited episode? I generally like the podcast but I don’t get this. Weird
Awesome show, great for passing the time at work. I’m sure you’ll notice, but today’s episode (9/28) appears to be the raw unedited version.
Maybe this was released before editing? Terrible and stopped listening.
The music is way to upbeat and happy for a true crime podcast
Sooo relieved I have found this podcast!! Can’t tell how many mystery or missing persons podcasts I have downloaded lately with the same huge obvious mistakes: 1. Horrible background & trailer music! 2. Horrible amateurish voice of the host 3. Too much talking by host about his or her own personal opinions and personal life 4. Very little about the Actual case told with stupid, obvious and cliché description. In contrary-this podcast has appropriate and non intrusive music, great voice by host and a great wonderfully described story line 🙏🙏 Thank you for doing a great job!!
This podcast seems to revolve a lot more around the narrator’s opinion than actual facts. He does a lot to hype situations up, says that someone is “angry” or “manic” in the interview and then when the interview is played, that’s not the case at all. I was hoping this podcast would do a lot more to bring missing persons cases to the forefront, but it seems like the narrator just wants to create drama with every single episode.
Thank you for all your hard work. Great content.
Doesn’t matter how good the show is when listening to this guy is like pulling teeth. I’ll never understand the logic behind this. Why can’t you just talk NORMALLY? Listening at 1.2x speed doesn’t solve the problem since it’s not the speed at which he speaks but these constant PAUSES that make you wanna slap him. Impossible to listen to. Just another podcast with potential ruined by amateurism, as is the case with 99% of podcasts.
The Patti Adkins update was worthless and basically click bait. Why go through the trouble of presenting information you immediately found out was bogus?
Good storytelling. Some episodes could be longer and have better sound quality.
Please do a new season and never stop making this podcast !!!!
Great podcast. Hope there will be more.
way to go dad!
Really good stories but I couldn’t listen to the host. His narration felt so stiff and robotic.
Good stories. The sound mixing and editing needs to be fixed, it goes from very quiet to very loud without warning.
Females voice is very annoying. She sounds very uneducated and takes away from the podcast.
I absolutely love love love this podcast! It’s so creatively done and draws you in and keeps you wanting more!!! So glad it’s back!!
Good no nonsense presentation - definitely recommend
Conduct unbecoming was really good. I never heard about this case before , freakin crazy !!