Reviews For The Circle on RHAP: Recaps of Netflix's US Version of "The Circle"

Rob’s comment about John being the happy medium was gold. This panel really brought the laughs. Taran’s daily podcast and analysis is impressive as always.
Great content. I also recommend checking Youtube videos. I am not sure whether I would watch the show if you guys did not cover it. I hope you decide to cover UK version as well. But I am not sure how the rest of us will be able to watch it after they removed it from Youtube. But at least do a podcast with spoilers comparing the two versions. Also, I personally think that the first season ended in a pretty boring way, but still looking forward to listening your takes.
This pod is better than the actual show
I’d give this a five star but no episode 4?
Best entertainment about The Circle, better than the show. Strategy analyzed with wit. Tune in!
Rob and Taran provide coverage for anyone watching the circle who desire any level of investment beyond the episodes themselves. Great guests, great correspondents. Most importantly Jessica Liese on the round table was a great surprise! I love her! Give them a listen or four.
So excited to have RHAP covering this awesome reality show
RHAP has done it again with great coverage that gave me more of what I was left wanting at the end of the first four episodes. I will be hanging on every minute of The Circle and RHAP coverage. If you do not already follow RHAP’s other shows give News AF a couple tries and you will be hooked on that as well.
This podcast really enhances the Circle! It’s a lot of fun!!! Taran does a great job analyzing the strategy and talking about all the hilarious things going on.


RHAP is synonymous with 5 stars at this point
This podcast makes me tingle
I wasn’t sure how I would like The Circle, but I knew I had to watch just to listen to Taran. There’s the perfect ratio of strategy talk to recap, and the recap has the perfect amount of impressions that make me die of laughter at work.
Pretty girls are girls that podcast about the circle
I'm loving the new show The Circle and grateful that RHAP is covering it. My friends refuse to watch reality tv so it's great to be able to hear Rob and Tarans thoughts on the show. I'm especially enjoying Rob's impressions! Yeah Buddy!
Rob and Taran provide insight and humor on The Circle - not to be missed!
My favorite podcaster and he does not disappoint! And loving The Circle.
Hey Circle. This podcast is already brightening up my 2020 (smiley face emoji). SEND! What can be wrong when Rob and Taran team up to cover a goofy reality show with potential strategic upside.
They break down the show and help explain what’s happening. Its a funny and well put together podcast. Very entertaining!!
Listening to Taran & Aman right now, so entertaining. I’m so glad I found your podcast of my favorite show!
The episode 1 recap was great and I’m excited to hear what they do the rest of the season.
I haven’t gotten to listen to any of the recaps but anything with Taran and Rob gets 5 stars
Rob and Taran breaking down The Circle is great. All fans of reality TV will enjoy. They cover everything from strategy to the silliness.