NorthStar and Keeping Score

Reviews For NorthStar and Keeping Score

I don’t know anything about orchestral music but I’m about to learn a lot!
This was an enjoyable podcast to listen to and it addressed issues that don’t get enough air time. I’m looking forward to what this duo will surface in the future!
I enjoyed listening to the dialogs that highlighted the achievements of many musicians who should be celebrated more. It was well presented, easy to listen to and entertaining.
This was a delightful podcast. I learned quite a lot of interesting facts about diversity (or possibly the lack thereof of diversity) in classical music. I learned about women and people of color who are paving the way for more to follow in their amazing footsteps in this field. That was very inspiring. Plus, the hosts are knowledgeable and enjoy each other's company. Definitely check it out!! It's worth it!
Having experience or an understanding of social justice issues in the professional music scene is not needed to enjoy this podcast. It’s easy listening for me to get caught up on the latest news and issues to be better informed. Looking forward to more content and a refinement of the program!