Sit There & Do Nothing

Reviews For Sit There & Do Nothing

Meg Lewis takes you on some dreamy fantasy world that bring you feel good feelings as well as making you laugh at the situation. The music is really calming and I think most people with meditation are trying to break out of some unhappy feelings and I think these calming and silly podcast journeys are a great resource to help you feel better. Very unique and fun experience! ✨
Through Sit There & Do Nothing, Meg Lewis has masterfully blended her comforting voice with comedic timing. Her podcast is an unforgettable, entertaining experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs an injection of laughter and joy in their lives.
I absolutely love hearing Meg drift slowly into a fantasy land of improvisation. Her personality and delivery is so up my alley! Cracks me up every time while disengaging from the stresses of life. I wish there were even more episodes to binge during this anxiety-inducing pandemic.
Meg is a star and super hilarious. Huge fan of everything she does and this podcast may be my favorite of all those things!!!
...but Meg has already made the correct decisions for you!
Listening to this podcast feels like simultaneously squishing my fingers through a 5 lb bucket of Nickelodeon Green Gak while floating in a pool face down boneless…you know like when you don’t blow any bubbles out and you are just laying there with no movement and if feels like your floating? I experience ultimate mind nirvana from the randomness, the hilarity and soothing sounds of Meg’s voice. 6 of 5 stars for sure. -Paul Heslop
I love Meg on Instagram but I was apprehensive as so whether I would enjoy this podcast. But honestly, it’s pure magic. It makes me giggle but is also weirdly relaxing. If you need to shut out some noise and be distracted, you gotta listen.
How can these two be combined?! Somehow this podcast achieves it! I walk away feeling super centered and relaxed while also laughing. This show is ingenious!! Thank you!
This podcast is more important than ever right now. Thank you, Meg, for your meditative genius and silliness, it really does change my day :)
I‘ve turned into a helpless pile of goo on my desk chair. I’m stifling laughter, and unbelievably content. How is it that Meg can so easily turn around my day with her bizarre storytelling? This podcast takes you on a kooky journey to the inner depths of a shared mindset we all have. So nice to visit this place again. Booking a weekly trip for the rest of ever.
It’s like Meg found footage of me trying on a jacket and soothingly narrated the experience back to me. There’s no meditation podcast I’d rather have surveil and report my most desperate (yet oddly calm and affirming) shopping experiences.
Let me tell you, as a very wound-up, high-strung, ball of anxiety I can speak to the transformative powers of this podcast. Seriously, each episode will have you gleefully grinning from ear to ear and laughing off your Monday morning stress within minutes of starting. Love the “goo downs,” pop culture references, creativity, and also Meg has a soothing voice! What more could you want?
How is it possible this is the specialized and delightful meditation I’ve been looking for so long? You’ll be soothed and surprised at how much you’ll enjoy investing in this podcast. One of the best podcast subscriptions you can do for your head brain and your heart.
You had me at Paul Rudd.