WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

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We are the generation that shows the end result, without the steps involved to get there. I’ve been a purveyor of failure and success. The “fake it until you make it” mindset only gets people so far. Money is great but HOW you get the money and WHAT you do with it is the true success...or the curse. I think we wil see a lot of both for the next decade. I hope we learn great lessons along the way.
Another ‘fake it til you make it’ story like Theranos and Fyre Festival!
This story needs to be a mini series. Enjoyed the commentary of Scott
Well produced podcast and very enjoyable to listen to. Looking forward to more by David Brown. Masa San should get most of the blame for enabling Adam and his over inflated ego and purse.


Really enjoyed
I don’t understand why this podcast was made because the Foundering podcast made on the WeWork story was so many times better, including the narrator . This narrator sounds like a children’s book story teller & it seems like only facts on the WeWork story are covered here. The Foundering podcast gave way more reporting and insight into who Adam Neumann was and why this happened.
Story is interesting but slow at times. Narrator tends to overdo it with his inflections.
As always, this podcast did not disappoint. Have enjoyed all of the Wondery podcasts thus far. Very interesting subject. Whoever produces the theme songs does a great job!!
Keep it up.. Adds are annoying because the story was compelling...
Like all wondery podcasts, it has an excessive amount of ads. However it is worse with this podcast. The episodes are short and ads are as long as the episodes. I wish wondery would consider listener quality instead of money
Thank you so much for the depth insight into WeWork. I only knew bits and pieces about it, so got my eyes opened up to it when I binged-listened to it. Thank you for sharing Scott Galloway’s take on it. I am reminded again that if something appears to be too good to be true, then it’s most likely a fake. Why is it so many of us have the “fear of missing out”?
I normally don’t mind ads but this is a 30 minute podcast that has 10 minutes of useless ads. It definitely seems that revenue was the motivator for the podcast rather than the pursuit of journalism. There are other WeWork podcasts that do a much better job investigating and interviewing.
I love , love , love this podcast! Please hurry and get more episodes out. This so rocks!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Unfortunate to have so many fraudulent businesses like WeWork and Theranos, but a great presentation in this series. Thanks!
I enjoyed listening to this podcast. As someone who had the opportunity to take advantage of WeWork benefits without paying the monthly costs (I’m an online student and the online platform was one of WeWork’s customers; so I guess I did pay for it in a way, but that’s beside the point), it was interesting to see what was real and what was behind rose colored glasses. Not sure I would have found it as interesting if I hadn’t seen the insides of WeWork.


The heck is up with the background music? Distracting.
This is one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Not only is the story intriguing, but the production, narration, and entire suite of creative elements used to supplement the story are what makes it so addicting. It’s clear a lot of creative talent went into this making this podcast, and that’s what I appreciated so much episode after episode. The story is brilliantly weaved, using compelling first-hand accounts to amplify the story, rather than adding them in because that’s what you’re ‘supposed to do.’ It all goes back to the amount of thought and exceptional creativity put into producing the podcast and telling the story of WeWork. Through the right mix of music, sound, voice, plot, twists, and turns, this team managed to put together a piece of art that will captivate your mind, even long after you finish the last episode. It will leave you longing for more!
I really enjoy this series and pick the ones that are of interest to me,rfive stars, very enjoyable !!
This show has good production values and is a solid telling of the WeWork story, including the weird spiritual-ese gobbledygook preached by the company’s founder. It is skeptical without being overly negative. Scott Galloway, who sounded the alarm about WeWork early despite criticism for doing so, emerges as the most interesting/entertaining interviewee. It’s all ultimately a bit forgettable, though.
LOVE IT!!! So brilliantly done!


By Bitti15
Informative & intriguing! Loved the theme song
Exciting narrative!!
Annoyingly overproduced, narration very faux-casual, and there’s just not all that much to the story
It was pretty interesting but I felt like it could have been more streamlined
Very interesting. Beware the charismatic leader.
I was excited for this podcast but it has too many commercials..not that much in-depth reporting. You can read the newspaper and get all the information. I was disappointed...
I personally don’t need to get into every detail, if every story was told with every piece of information, there wouldn’t be enough time to go around. Thank you it was just enough to get the concept! Well done!
This podcast is clearly a bandwagon post-WeWork’s IPO, in selecting only commentaries and evidence that speaks to the media and public sentiment of the time, as opposed to a more objective account of the story.
This was really interesting. Was WeWork the most spectacular failure in history? No, but it was fascinating to see how someone with no experience can create a company this large based on charisma alone. Like Elizabeth Holmes, but got caught faster.
Masayoshi “son”? Lol it’s san. It is an honorable for mister in Japan. Including it in his name is like saying mister mister. Also using It after his first name doesn’t make sense unless you want to sound like kindergartner calling him uncle bob. Lol. Look if this was some teen making a selfie vid on Tik Tok I’d cut you a break but isn’t this suppose to be researched and written by pro reporters?
Good start, great concept. I would like to see more in-depth investigatory research and perhaps expanding to double the amount of episodes. Would love to hear episodes on Enron, Countrywide Loans, etc. Keep up the great work, the options are endless...
I liked it. I wasn’t familiar with WeWork, so I found it very interesting.
I say surprising because I see WeWork buildings all the time & would’ve never known they had any problems. I learned a lot & it was a well told story. Sometimes I found myself zoned out maybe because the host isn’t super “fun” to listen to, to me.


By Figsly
Mostly a flat retelling of what happened at WeWork, without enough deeper analysis or opinion to make it worth listening to. Could get the same from any of the articles written about it with much less filler.
This Podcast is like WeWork, a meager product with little substance, just cashing in on advertisements.
The series is quite good with interesting content and a fascinating story. My only complaint is that the episodes feel a bit short because of the advertising during and after the show. Otherwise, it's a great podcast series to listen to.


Too short, too dramatic and not even approaching thorough enough to be satisfying or worth the effort of listening. It felt like it was just getting good, and then suddenly we’re in 2019 with two episodes left. There are important lessons to be learned from the Wework saga - why do we keep letting these obvious sociopaths drive our economy? Why are investors and other supposedly smart people so credulous with a mid-tier flim flam man like Adam Neumann? Where was the reporting on incidents such as the charge that Adam hot boxed a pregnant employee on his jet and then retaliated against her when she complained? This series is so shallow it almost makes Adam look like a victim. It certainly paints Miguel Mcelvey that way. Also, the narrator speaks like a local radio commercial voice-over artist. Not authentic. Disappointing!
This story was not particularly interesting or engaging at all. I’m not sure why someone thought it would be a good idea to do an entire podcast about this? Very meh
Nonsense ideas from frothing BS-artists. America is publicly shamed.
Sorry vegans. This podcast series is big on sensationalism and low on content. It is big, however, on very long advertisements throughout.
The storytelling is fantastic - I also randomly came across this podcast, and I am so happy I did because I not only learned a lot about WeWork, but it was quite the story. Well done!
This was just ok. It was interesting to hear how the company got started and grew, but it really could have gone into more depth, especially about how exactly the company was so grossly overvalued. It kind of just hung it’s hat on the old storytelling formula of crazy megalomaniac runs a company into the ground and left it at that. I’m sure there is much more story to tell than that.
I stumbled across this podcast and am truly happy that I did! Extremely captivating and well done. I listened to all episodes in one day because I couldn’t stop! Amazing.
Contents are good but each episode is too short to warrant like 1/3 of them being ads
Pretty clever to take the concept of a kumbaua type place like a kibbutz and try to package it in a pretty for profit wrapper. No wonder it imploded. The socialist kibbutz and the very capitalist for profit real business are two different concepts at opposite ends of the spectrum and don’t partner well.
WeWork is a fascinating story worth hearing about but this podcast felt like it didn’t have any original reporting. It seemed like an aggregate of google searches and YouTube clips. Nothing revelatory. Still an ok easy listen though.