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I generally listen to everything, though it sometimes strays from Magic, which is usually fine. Audio quality can be sub-par sometimes, though I think that can come from the remote nature of recording and not being able to control which microphone somebody uses. Interviews/chats have gotten better since the beginning!
Shiva has a true love for the game and it shows in every episode. It makes my ride to work a much more pleasant experience and for that I’m grateful. Keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do for the community!
Shivam is interesting and knowledgeable and seems like an all-around cool guy. I like the casual, conversation style of the podcast, and I like the wide variety of topics.
I’ve been gone from Magic for about five years and just got back in recently thanks to Commander. I’m all over the place with the game now, building Pioneer decks and trying to find time for FNMs. Shivam’s podcast reminds me why I love the game though: a great way to pass the time with people I care about. I have gotten my sister into the game and playing with her means a lot. It has been a way to bond with coworkers, and thinking up flavorful decks keeps me from burning out when I try to build more competitive decks for tournaments. All-in-all, the show is great, and has already had a few wonderful guests who are clearly passionate about the game as a way to unwind or explore the silliness that a complex game like Magic can produce. I eagerly await each new episode to enjoy during my commute!


By huuuaa
Shivam is great, love his work and I appreciate what he brings to the magic community