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This show ignores the deep structural inequality built into America’s political institutions — particularly around race. In a political era shaped by white nationalist politics and converging racial justice movements, the absence of lens that looks at how group hierarchy steers elections and polices is hard to ignore. Feels very ivory tower like, and fails to incorporate the rich political insights present in a diverse metro like Chicago. I listened for about a year. This show feels very exclusive and elitist like a lot of other politics podcasts. I think the hosts could learn a lot by engaging with more black scholars who have the same empirical training, but a much richer appreciation for the role that power plays in American politics.
Has some good insights and discussions, but everything is from a right-leaning perspective and directed to that segment. They have missed acknowledging the experiences of disenfranchised groups. They have also made statements and assumptions that for a different slice of the population would not be true, but they act like it is true for everyone. They have also minimized the threat that the far right extremists are.
When you know the commentators political affiliation within the first 30 seconds of the show, you might want to think for yourself and find a podcast that encourages you to do the same.
Based on several that I’ve listen to, it’s not not another political podcast
I would like to know - is the author a progressive. All of this voter id discussion is bogus. Did they determine these voters who showed without Id do they have a drivers license? So a few voters show up without the requirements to vote. So blacks and Hispanics vote at lower levels than whites. Blacks and Hispanics vote Democrat. So if we lower requirements for these two groups we nay increase Democrat votes. Which the author obviously wants. He is an activist. How many showed up at the liquor store without Id. In my lifetime the most famous case of fraud reported widely was in Chicago and the Nixon Kennedy election. In that case Democrats paid five dollars for each vote and John Kennedy‘s father paid the bill this is viewed to be a decisive move and now we are faced with widespread activist in the Barack Obama tradition across the country under the ruse of black lives matter or antifa that all support the Democratic Party. It is a party built on fraud and they originated through the Ku Klux Klan many anti-racist efforts to keep black people from voting. Now the Democrats want to accuse Republicans that voter ID laws are racist. I am concerned that you never address in this paper or podcast how much fraud or fraud there is and what other voter ID actually stops VoterFraud. You never even mention it to Jay to focus on the bogus notion that voter ID which is a drivers license for heaven sake’s stops black people and Hispanic people from voting. This is not good editorial or academic research this is activism.
More than halfway into an episode on whether Americans really believe in democracy I realized the panelists had not even touched upon the antidemocratic legacy of racism in the U.S. That’s crucial. America has a history of believing that white people, have a right to vote and Blacks don’t. It’s an important part of the conversation that was missing. I couldn’t take the scholars seriously after noticing this absence, not just an elephant in the room but an entire herd of elephants. My apologies if, in the last few minutes of the podcast, the professors noted that, by the way, we didn’t address racism. But it should have been part of the discussion.
Podcast for technocrats who view politics largely as a topic for social science. The hosts filter out most historical context in favor of largely apolitical rationalist analysis that tends to focus on behavior and individual cognition of voters and politicians rather than offering any deeper insights focused on things like class structure, racism, gender norms etc.
We need more of this, and fewer 1-hour TV shows that, let’s face it, are designed to convince us of a particular view. Thanks to all three of you for preserving my sanity! Can t wait for the post-election discussions.
It’s refreshing to listen to a podcast where research is not presented as facts and potential downfalls are addressed. You guys are great (and not pretentious at all)! Keep up the awesome work.
Such a wonderful podcast. Nice to bring a balanced perspective during polarized times.
Interesting and accesible way to access academic literature that is relevant to current events
Huge, huge fan of the show. Exceptionally interesting and well done!
I really enjoy listening to them discuss political science research. Very fair and unbiased, of which we really need more.
Like the title says, this podcast is unique. This podcast avoids the political entertainment that is present in much of the media and other podcasts. Instead, this podcasts focuses on academic studies and the inferences therefrom, which enables the listeners to delve into what actually happens in political systems. I also find this podcasts to be nonpartisan that should appeal to a variety of persuasions. Lastly, while the cohosts of this podcast are academics, it is understandable, so you don’t have to be an academic.
This is an amazing podcast! Thank you for doing this! But it would be even better if you could talk about two different research with opposite conclusions or arguments on a topic.
It’s great to see behind the scenes how academics think about politics.
Unsubscribing it’s just too stuck up. This is why liberals lose and I am liberal.
This is a fantastic podcast. Engaging and interesting, well-delivered, and so relevant to our current political era. Highly recommended!
Wonderful podcast! Exactly what was missing in my podcast arsenal.
Thoughtful and deeply-needed as we make sense of today’s political realities. Must listen.
I’ve been looking for a pod that covers politics using a critical and academic approach. I’m so tired for the spectacle of politics and the way most media feeds into that spectacle. I’m stoked to hear how the show develops!
Everyone who thinks about politics must tune into this.
Loved this. I particularly enjoyed Anthony Fowler pushing his colleagues at the end to make some leaps from theory to practice. I’ll be listening for the next episode.
YES! This podcast is a such breath of fresh air!!! It’s like sitting around the coffee table asking your favorite college professor what’s “really” going on in politics. It’s an intelligent and engaging look at the research behind today’s headlines. I love how the hosts are willing to pressure test what the evidence tells us - or not. You have to respect academics for not speculating and making things up. The world needs more “thinking” podcasts like this one!
This podcast is a wonderful listen.
A fascinating way to consume modern research in political economy and see how it can shape the way we view our world!
Down-to-Earth experts share timely analysis of what matters most in the American politics space. Great length and you know it’s reputable coming from the Harris School at UChicago.
I look forward to continuing to learn how new advances in political science affect the actual world of politics. The engaging tone of the hosts and their up-front decision not to go along with the guest’s reasoning if they perceive flaws in the argument makes this the most fun podcast of the year so far.
If you want to know what we really know about America’s big, meaty political questions, this is the show for you. Not just partisan opinions and hacks. The discussion gets at the actual knowledge that exists about the topics that drive our news cycle. The hosts are engaging and informative! You’ll feel more confident in your opinions.
A trio of professors are telling us what actual political science has learned about topics that I care about, in a way I can understand. Glad to see something not infused with polarization and trump obsession
Do you want to understand how the research and theory of politics affects the reality? Are you sick of the polarized pundits and talking heads? This is the show for you. Incredible discussions of politics science and how it’s relevant today!