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Very informative thanks
I was uncomfortable with a lot of the jokes and laughing in episode 70 about the Sun Belt spike. I don’t always listen but I don’t remember them treating a serious subject so cavalierly. Joking about poop trails to Colorado????
I love The Atlantic and the interviews on this are very interesting, but I find the banter before, after, and occasionally during the interviews to be stilted, halting, and occasionally almost hostile. I skip through it at the beginning and just stop listening at the end, but if they digress into this in the middle, I tend to turn it off.
I really like the topics but Katherine is impossible to listen to. Her up-speaking style is very grating to the ears and she rarely adds anything to the conversations. It became too much of a hassle to fast forward and then rewind to when only James was speaking that I had to unsubscribe. Sorry.

By KM55
I just listened to the episode about education and child care during a time of Coronavirus and I really enjoyed it! Great job!
I really enjoyed this discussion but was disappointed when Jim essentially cut it off by suggesting the absurd third option. There is much more that could have been discussed with the ethicist.
I’m always excited to hear the latest podcast from Jim and Catherine. The two banter back and forth like an old married couple and inform and entertain me at the same time. They cover very heavy topics (death, Covid, etc), Yet as I walk my dog, I find myself laughing out loud, my mouth hidden behind my mask of course. Great reporting and interviewing. Thank you and even though they’ve scaled back to 3 days from 5, I’m still a fan girl.
The Atlantic is my go to source of news on Covid because they digest the information in a way that helps me understand the implications for myself and policy.
Not sure about the vitamin episode. Jim, respectfully I think you trivialized the subject to the point if misinformation.
But as a dietitian, an MPH, and close to finishing my PhD in public health in Baltimore specializing in maternal child health nutrition policy, the nutrition research on the recent episode was a bit outdated and inaccurate. Would love to talk about it. Not all was off base but as a scientist this episode was disappointing.
This podcast is delightful, informative and addictive. I was broken hearted when it was cut back from 5 days a week. I hope Jim and Katherine never run out of things to discuss.
I am fortunate enough to know BOTH Dr. Hamblins! I do not know who I love more- but what I can say is that TRUTH & HONESTLY is instilled in both & I am better for having BOTH in my life! Sending love from Stanford & the Bay! xo Nikki fun fact - ask Jimmy about the 1/2 court in his childhood home 😎
I really appreciate you two, the guests you interview and the insight both of you bring from your different backgrounds/areas of expertise. This show was a lifeline for me when I was obsessively reading about COVID-19 and looking for insight and my boyfriend was 100% sick of me talking about it. :) You are both very articulate and human humans and I hope you keep doing what you’re doing!
This is both fun and informative. But why isn’t Catherine listed on the credits?
I really enjoyed this podcast. I heard it when it just started. Also, I like the interaction between Dr. Jim and Katherine tackling what is happening every topic with a guest speaker. It really reassuring to hear them talking about what going on with their guests. The only downside to it, they only do it three times a week now.
COVID-19. Where we are and where we are heading. Pairing Dr. Jim and Katherine works really well. Katherine asks the questions in a down to earth manner. Thanks for hosting. Three days a week is just right.
I always feel better educated after listening to your show. I wanted to say thank you. SD Gig Harbor WA
Lots of information here on important topics. Unfortunately the host Katherine’s cringe-inducing delivery and not-so-smart questions makes listening to this a chore rather than a pleasure. James is a skilled communivator. I'm listening but it’s not fun.
I love listening to this. It’s a nice short length, the hosts are inquiring and curious which makes it seen like it’s mirroring my own internal process during this strange time. They also have a good rapport and are surprisingly funny (sorry, it’s just that they’re journalists and one’s a doctor!)
The core information and insights gained from their interviews are good, and I’m still listening because of that. Unfortunately, there is also silly and time-wasting jabber, especially at the start of every show. Get to the point much sooner and you’ll help the world even more.
Most of the topics are relevant. But the dynamic Catherine creates of being some kind of ditsy unknowledgeable girly girl who has to call her smarter male friend for answers and moral support is absolutely nauseating. The latest episode on showering was the worst — the days when women pretending to be dumb read as cute are long over. I have no idea why she thinks she needs to bring them back.
The hosts are knowledgeable and have good topics, but they’re just not fun to listen to. I keep listening to other podcasts instead of the 15+ episodes of this that have piled up in my queue. If each episode were no more than 20 minutes, I might not feel like listening to this was such a chore.
The topics in this podcast are interesting and timely, but the interactions between the hosts are so annoying and gender stereotyped! What is the point of having Katherine on the show? All she does is ask questions to James, which just reinforces the stereotype that women need men to explain things to them, especially science. I understand that he is a physician, but as a female physician myself, I find this relationship very obnoxious! Give Katherine more to say!
I wasn’t depressed until you said to get a dog🥴
Thank you for continuing to do your job during this time. Your voices while I work from home help maintain my mental health. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
So grateful to have found this podcast! I’ve been listening to it since the beginning, after hearing an interview with Jim on the Brian Lehrer show. The Social Distance podcast has been a bit of stable ground beneath my feet amid all the chaos. Jim and Katherine have struck such a perfect balance between a conversational, real-talk kind of vibe, while also delivering really thought-provoking, evidence-based information! They’re great at distilling complicated concepts into digestible, easy-to-process bites. It’s been so reassuring to have y’all to turn to for the facts - both what’s known and what’s unknown, about the developments of this pandemic, at the same time it’s all going down. While the White House has been putting out nothing but misinformation, you’ve been a beacon in the dark! I also really appreciate the wholistic discussion, expanding beyond medical/science, to also address the collateral damage and give voice to the marginalized folks suffering the most during these times. Acknowledging the sociopolitical factors that are at play and providing context for them. Thank you, Jim and Katherine! It’s been valuable.
There was potential with this podcast but it didn’t meet it. The hosts seem depressed and immature. Not my thing, I guess.
I personally like the way the hosts start off with a bit of small talk before diving into the main subject. It occasionally comes across as a smidge awkward, but it also feels super relatable at this cultural moment in time Also, please feature Ed Yong as a guest more often. His writing on The Atlantic is great, but a bit long sometimes, and it helps that he gives quick summaries when he’s featured on your show
Very informative in a friendly way- thanks and keep it up!!
Individually, the hosts are okay. Together? Yuck. Katherine’s extremely annoying and cringeworthy with her idiotic questions and awkward flirtations. Would be much more informative if Jim were the only host. I had high hopes for this podcast, but after several months, I’m out.
Dr. James Hamblin and Katherine Wells get together several times a week to discuss an enormous variety of topics and how they relate to the CoVid-19 pandemic. They, along with their guests, shed light on subjects that can be medically important, socially significant or otherwise germane. They play off each other (Jim being the medical nerd and Katherine playing the mere mortal) in a sibling like manner, so even intimidating subjects end up making a lot more sense to anyone who cares to listen. I am grateful that they are doing what they do and always look forward to the next broadcast.
Cool. Immediate reactions to new normals. Vulnerable and casual. Relevant.
There is a certain authenticity and frankness from these hosts that earns my trust more than any other COVID-19 podcast. I will listen to anything these two hosts create in the future.
I very much appreciate how raw and funny this podcast is. The range of guests is great, and I look forward to listening each afternoon to signal the end of my work day while I'm stuck at home. I subscribed to the Atlantic because of this podcast! Keep up the good work.
This is by far my favorite podcast. The hosts are very human, touching, funny, and give us info we can use. My favorite 20 minutes during my morning walk the the cemetery. Thank you.
You are currently my absolute favorite podcast and I look forward to listening every day. It would make me sad for you to go to every other day but also want you to take care of yourselves!
I really enjoy the voices of the two hosts - one, emotional, the other, phlegmatic, sown together with affectionate ribbing while discussing the immense challenges of the day.
Can’t stop listening! These two are so good—kind, intelligent, funny, real and informative.
I personally like listening to you guys everyday. Please don’t go every other day.
These two provide great information and also make me lol on the regular. I feel like I’m listening to two of my friends chatting about what’s going on with this virus. Thanks for all the knowledge and for the laughs. Also, you have inspired me to subscribe to the Atlantic. Cheesy, I know.
In this dire time, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Katherine and Jim make it easy and fun to stay on top of things though. Thank you guys!
Katherine and gotta pop that bubble
I appreciated and made note of the movie recommendations. Watched trailers of both. Had seen the one about Pelham 123 back when it was released in theaters and was struck as I watched the trailer just now, by the mention on the show of Walter Mathau as the actor of note, rather than Denzel Washington who figures prominently in the trailer. It is definitely a thriller and I very much look forward to experiencing it again. Ah, the remake, the remake—that’s the one to watch!
I am not a thirty something, a little older than that but listening to this podcast makes me laugh and feel I’m finally getting honest information. It’s the first podcast I listen to everyday! Thank you
I’ve recommended this podcast to so many friends. They have a way of providing excellent information but delivering it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. I look forward to listening everyday.
In a rather laid back way, the hosts present a great deal of information about this pandemic, and the situation we have all suddenly found ourselves in.


By Oolio
I really love this podcast. I learn something new with each episode and I like the dynamic between the hosts. I also enjoy hearing from so many different experts to learn more about the virus and the impact it is having. Thank you - keep up the great work!
I enjoy the topics and guests but one host seems to overshadow/dominate the other and often rude/sarcastic. This dynamic makes it difficult to listen to this otherwise excellent podcast. I want to hear from both hosts and have them not be rude to each other.
She’s so worried about the tiniest bit of nonconformity.