Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff Podcast

Reviews For Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff Podcast

I hate your podcast
My kids LOVE this podcast!
Great content for kids and its great having it play in the background.
I’m literally a senior in high school but I listen to these every night before bed Bc it calms me and I love these!!!
It’s incredible keep making more
She looks forward to listening to a story at bedtime every night!
By far the BEST bedtime podcast for little kids. We love Granny McDuff and her sweet stories. Such a calm way to fall asleep. Wish there were more each week. Would you consider telling the fairytale of “One Eye, Two Eye, Three Eye”? ❤️
This is amazing and soooo cozy I love it sooooo much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


By syd red
Hiii im 9 and also my name is sydney redmile and i LOVE your podcast plsssssss make like 30min ones because when i watch long ones then i end up falling asleep faster!!!!!:)❤️🦋💙🌈🥰🌏
This podcast is amazing! I just wish that there where no ads.
This is the best thing I’ve ever heard..
My granddaughters look forward to a bedtime story from Granny MacDuff when they sleep over. The only problem is they never hear the endings because they immediately fall asleep as soon as the story starts! It’s very soothing and entertaining. I highly recommend.
What a lovely way to lull your child to sleep! So calming!
She loves it, and it’s perfect for bedtime. She continues to choose these stories over all of the ones we’ve heard elsewhere. Thank you! She would love if you did 12 dancing princesses!
Hi my daughter Emma loves your podcast 👍🏻