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I’ve been following RT for a long time and this is my favorite content from them! As a prior helicopter mechanic in the Army this is a smart, educational and very entertaining podcast! I can’t help but imagine all their personal stories in RTAA form though lol
Definitely a great podcast if you’re into aviation failures or even just knowing how planes work! I definitely wish they would make one on Flight 93(9/11), that would be so great! Worth your listen without a doubt!
Love the podcast, listen to an episode everyday on the way to work….and back home (45 minutes each way). But it does drive me crazy on some of the ridiculous tangents usually the cohosts go off on. I’m hooked though.
Love this subject. I love their sense of humor, which is appropriate so as not to make fun of victims but observe and point out the obvious. I’m not an expert (and I actually love they aren’t either!—they just do very thorough research), but the cases I do know are told factually. One of my new favs!
This is a great listen for folks interested in all the ways airplanes fail. Well researched, and very likable hosts makes for an enjoyable listen. Thanks, Chris & Gus!
Great podcast!
Really interesting!
An amazingly entertaining and informative podcast, while still treating these disasters, outcomes, and those affected w/ the respect that they deserve. As a lineman at a major airport, it’s always a reminder what is on the line each second of each day. Love the podcast. Keep the great content coming! -J Also, Would love to hear an episode dedicated to Avianca Flight 52. Or possibly an episode regarding fuel emergencies or communication breakdown emergencies.
I listen to many plane crash / disaster podcasts. This one is my favorite. Gus does an excellent job discussing the incident and Chris is a good sounding board. Whether or not it’s scripted or practiced I don’t care because they sell it well. Gus’ voice is so smoothly pleasant and Chris sounds like he’s hot. I am not actually going to to do the research to check this. I am just going to continue picturing him as hot and Gus as academic. That’s how my mind likes to see them. Thanks for the content, thanks for the voices.
Hands down one of my favorite podcasts to have ever been made. Incredibly interesting, and I wasn’t into planes or accidents like these before.
I am really enjoying this show. I learn so much each time I listen. Gus is very knowledgeable and prepared and I feel like Chris and I are on the same learning journey together. He asks very good questions.
Gustavo is very knowledgeable, but Chris comes across ignorant, even 40 episodes in he acts like he doesn’t know the first thing about planes. Not sure if this is just a technique to key up questions listeners might have, but it gets annoying.
I knew absolutely nothing about planes going in, just someone who’s gone through all the true crime podcasts I can stomach. This podcast is informational, engaging, and a lot more palatable than darker podcasts out there. Listening hasn’t made me more scared to fly; they emphasize the rarity of these incidents and learning more about how planes work makes me want to fly again ASAP!! All in all a great podcast :)
This podcast has been on the back burner for a long time (mainly because I am not a big fan on Podcast and would rather watch than listen but I’m so happy I gave it a try). One thing that I love that Gus does is that he explains to us (and Chris) everything without getting too confusing. I love this series mainly because it connects me to my dad- back in the 90s- he use to work for McDonnell Douglas before they merged with Boeing. I never knew much about his job or what he did but listening to the podcast, it has made me more appreciative of how cool his job was :) I think while working for the company he worked on both commercial and military jets and airplanes- I forgot exactly what his job title was but I know he worked mainly with the fuselage.
I don’t know how possible it is but could you guys do a collaboration with red web. The episode could be about Amelia Earnhardt. Gus and chris talk about the flight and maybe what started to go wrong and Trevor and Alfredo can go into the theories on what happened to her.
This is a great podcast. Gus does a great job with telling the stories of the accidents, what led up to the accidents, the history of the crews, and the aftermath and investigations that took place. Chris does a great job as the every person who asked the questions of how, what, why, and who. A very well researched podcast I would recommend to everyone give a listen to it and see how the evolution of aviation has gone.
Love RoosterTeeth? Fascinated by airplane disasters or just airplanes in general? This is what you want in a podcast. Gus is an awesome host and Chris is great as especially the voice for the audience.
I like the content delivery and format from the main presenter… but I could really do without the Beavis and But-Head’ish sidekick banter.
I really enjoy this podcast. It is well produced and researched. The main host Gus is very knowledgable about aviation and presents complex incidents in a very clear and concise manner. His co-host Chris is kind of the “everyman” who asks the questions that listeners would ask if they could. Very enjoyable - give it a try.


By br4nlgf
I was hesitant to start this podcast series because it’s not my usual choice. However, I’m so glad I did. Both my grandparents are pilots and flying with them is some of the best memories from my childhood - which is why I ultimately decided to give it a shot. This podcast is both interesting and entertaining and endlessly informative. I have learned so much about aviation and it’s development. Really makes you appreciate pilots and flight engineers that much more. I love how they provide a list of all the subsequent changes after each incident to show how much has been learned over time and how flying is as safe as it it. The dynamics between Chris and Gus make the show that much better. I usually don’t like dual host podcasts because it seems like one person is running the show and the other is just there with pointless commentary. But, Chris is usually asking the questions I have in the moment I have them and reacts the same way I do to a lot of the information. Their conversations really do enhance an already amazing podcast just that much more. I listened to every episode over the course of a week while I was at work - looking forward to many more episodes.
Thank you for finally giving me a podcast where my fascination with disasters can we realized without it being weird. I’m learning about how everything has changed and just listening to you guys give all of this information in as much of an unbiased way if you can is really awesome. Keep it up Gus and Chris.
I don’t get the funny personal stories ?????? Why ??? Nobody cares
Really loved this podcast. Hope next episode drops soon. Agree with Gus that it was a good first story without lives lost. Great concept.
Its an unfortunate balance of wanting more episodes because that means more plane crashes lol, but I love this show so much! I could definitely go for a new episode every day! Chris and Booger are the real MVPs
I love the premise of this podcast. I am actually a scared flier so I feel like this is helping calm my fears in a weird way. Hearing about the changes made to make planes safer help to set my mind at ease. My only complaint is that I feel that Gus talks down to Chris or is a bit rude and that puts me off a bit. Other than that, I love the podcast and am currently binging. I love how much knowledge these guys impart every week. Also, Gus (in my head) is Adam Driver and Chris is Andrew Shue from back in the day.
Just discovered three days ago and have caught up with all 50 episodes. Guess I am an aviation buff and didn’t know it? But that is not required to enjoy this podcast. These guys are great!
Gus and Chris are great hosts who turn a pretty morbid and scary topic into something interesting and educational. I never get bored listening, plus this pod has made me feel safer on airplanes!
Great podcast! It’s always fun to listen to someone (Gus) talk about something they are passionate about. And Chris is a great voice for asking all the questions that start to pop up in my mind while listening. Really great balance! Can’t wait to listen to more!!
I’ve enjoyed this series since it started, but only recently did I realize the best part of it wasn’t exploring how these disasters happened. This show excels in revealing how flight safety improves through honest examination and noble attempts to leave ego behind.
Never seen these guys, dont know what they look like how old they are or anything but I think I am in love with both of them?! Idk I look forward to every podcast they post and they always do a great job. Chris brings the comic relief these stories needs and Gus brings all the info I want. Perfect podcast and I don’t even care about planes.
I dunno. But I love all of the extraneous information. It is often more technical than ghoulish.
Would be better if the host Gus didn’t talk so fast. It makes it hard to understand what is said and have to rewind several to hear everything. If he would just talk slower would continue listening to support the show but can’t.
GUS, we love your tangents!!! Chris you’re cool too!
Just binge'd the entire show in about 2 weeks and loved every second of it. Gus and Chris are a great tandem for the topics being covered. Now I have to get used to only one episode a week! Thanks for the show guys!
So let’s let a non-expert and a non-comedian make glib commentary about airborne tragedy to the benefit of no one. Awesome.


Just started listening, I think you guys talk very fast, like you are in a rush. Slow it down a notch. Otherwise good informative podcast. 👍🏼👍🏼
I was really excited to listen to this podcast, but I am sad to say this podcast isn't well researched the flight 143 episode especially. The humming and hawing about the subject let you know they didn't know what they are talking about! I found more information about what happened on that flight from the movie based on this crash. Please don't just read the wiki page and put some work into this
Listen to this podcast if you want to learn what reverse thrust means every episode and like a co host who is asking mostly obvious questions.
I have weird obsessions and your podcast is one of them
This has become my favorite podcast! Great job guys! A couple other reviews mention they do not know what is happening in the cockpit etc. I will agree with this to come degree. As a pilot I just fill in the blanks from professional knowledge/training. I think for the general public it is researched well enough and still very interesting.
I’ve been reading a lot of comments being upset that all they do is “read the wiki page” is silly... I’d rather listen to a duo I enjoy inform me of some Thing I don’t know of regardless of where the information came from! So if that’s a turn off for you, but that aside and think about it like you and your family/friends pulling up the internet and talking about crazy wild incidents in the past. Except you can do that with this podcast anywhere. So this scratches that itch for me that I’ve really missed! I really enjoy this show and I’m excited to continue to listen!
I wanted to like this podcast, I really did. The problem is, neither of the hosts has any expertise necessary to be presenting such material. I fly for a living, and listening to these two talk about airplane crashes is painful. Not because of the crash itself, but because neither has any idea what is actually going on in a professional cockpit. I would suggest adding a third person to the pod. Someone with a background in flying professionally. It would give your pod far more depth, and credibility. I applaud your enthusiasm and I encourage you to keep going. But PLEASE, add someone who can help explain the finer points to your listeners.
I love the details Gus provides and the questions and analogies Chris uses to help frame the discussion for us who are unfamiliar with aviation. It’s also pretty clean compared to other RT podcasts so I’m not afraid to recommend it to my parents. Thanks guys!
Just started listening last night. I thought it would scare me, as someone who is already a bit anxious about flying. But the discussions around the incidents make me actually feel a bit better due to the many things that have to go wrong. The research is very thorough and flows very well. But my favorite part of the podcasts, which I don’t think is intentional is when Chris asks questions throughout. His timing is very good. They seem to always come at a time when I am thinking the same, and even if they will be coming back to it, it’s nice to have it asked so that I’m not sitting here thinking about it and unable to focus on the rest of the podcast. 10/5 stars.


By Liv-36
My husband started listening to this podcast because he’s always loved rooster teeth. He told me about some of the episodes. I never imagined that it was something I’d be interested in because I don’t know anything about planes. However I needed a new podcast and after episode one I was hooked! I love that it explains things well to newbies and Chris asks the questions of everything I’m wondering!
Why y’all hating on Chris. Your the best Chris
I just found out about this podcast this week and can't stop listening! It's so good!
Gus Sorola, with a voice absolutely made for radio broadcast, guides us through aviation incidents throughout the history of air travel, while his co-host, Chris Demarais, fills in perfectly as the audience, gasping in horror and asking all the right questions at all the right times. A five-star production, well worth your time to binge and catch up.
In all seriousness, I’m really enjoying this! Very interesting breakdowns of what really happens when flights go awry. I think those who aren’t rooster teeth fans will have no problem diving right in. Gus and chris compliment each other well, with such different personalities. Please keep the content going! *I introduced my grandpa to this podcast while he was stuck in the hospital with covid. He was a career Air Force vet, and loved all things aviation. We lost him 12/15/20 Thank you for bringing him joy and entertainment in his final days<3 I couldn’t ask for more*