Reviews For Criminalia

I really like this podcast and I look forward to it every week. I just wish they would tell a story more than just kind of state facts.
I really love the content of the show but the sound effects and music are distracting and make me want to bail. Might try a few more episodes to see if they will take the feedback from me and many others into consideration.
No clear timeline, a lot of back and forth... very difficult to follow along with what should be super interesting. The voices are pleasant to listen to though. Please just have a clear timeline.
This podcast is so fun to listen to - not to mention interesting! I also like the creative way you all add in the cocktail at the end! I’m not a drinker but this makes me giggle every time. I am hooked on this podcast!!
This would be SO GOOD if there were different hosts who’s voices didn’t pierce eardrums quite so harshly, didn’t giggle and joke so much and were in some way shape or form professional. It’s impossible to listen to seriously with the lack of structure.
As a fan of the Stuff You Missed in History podcast for many years, this podcast is right up my alley. I love learning about women in history and famous crimes, so having an entire podcast about female criminals is perfection. The hosts are funny and engaging and you can tell they thoroughly researched every topic. I’m also not normally a cocktail drinker but the great sounding drink recipes they share at the end of each episode make me want to try something new.


Your ads..... seriously? Ram it down your listeners throats. I’m out.
Love the content and the hosts. Even though a couple of the stories are familiar to me, so far, from other podcast, the Criminalia perspective is an interesting enough twist for me to listen again. My one complaint is the music and sound effects. Please ditch them. They are unnecessary and annoying. There have even been a couple of instances where the music overpowers the hosts and I cannot hear what they’re saying.
An entertaining podcast. Love the content, background music and sound. Can’t wait to hear more.


By AnnC430
So cool to have an interesting Podcast about women who actually took charge of a lot of situations so bad with poison! The ladies make it fun and so interesting! And a cocktail at the end is always interesting and I’m always willing to try
I’m really tired of amateur historians laughing at their own tired jokes while mispronouncing every word in sight. Simply put, whatever research was done was insufficient and the notion that two ignoramuses can reinterpret history is the only real joke here. The hosts sure like each other but that isn’t enough.


By mrdr101
I really wanted to like this podcast. I love SYMIHC. But, the sound effects and music are awful and distract from the story. I’ll keep trying, but if that doesn’t change, I’ll give up.
This podcast has everything I love from Stuff you missed in History class with a true crime twist. I really enjoy true crime podcasts but sometimes they tend to focus on queer people and describe crimes in detail, which is too much for me. This is more biographical and I really like that. Also, at the end of the first season they share a “poison” aka alcoholic beverage that goes along with the theme and I enjoy that part, too. I agree that the music can sometimes be distracting, but that is really the only negative thing I can say
This would be so much more fun to listen to if I didn’t have to make sure I quit before the end. I love the content but don’t want to be triggered.
Sometimes the background music is too loud and distracting. Other than that, the hosts have a good rapport and chemistry. The recount the tales with a conversational tone and not like they’re reading from a page. Decent and interesting podcast.
Stories seem researched well. Format is coming together nicely!I personally like the chatting between you two, it adds to the storyline. Love that you do the extra bit what’s your poison! Keep it up girls ! I can’t wait to hear more!
I get a smile and a laugh from listening to these women. And I really enjoy the people they discuss and history behind it. Really like listening to them while driving.


Nicely done! Miss the sound effects in the earlier podcast, but a great balance of humor and report😁


I like the stories the hosts the fact that everything seems very well researched the only thing I don’t like is the long gaps/pauses between the hosts. Other then that I like that
Great research props, terrific delivery and a seamless dialogue between the hosts.
I'm really enjoying this podcast thus far and I think it has great potential; I know the first episode tried on a few things that I'm less into (personally, I vastly prefer podcasts that are straight talk without SFX/re-enactments) but they don't seem to be keeping that formula, and a few episodes in the hosts are settling into a much better rhythm and their conversations are flowing more smoothly. I really appreciate the angle to these stories; even a few I was already familiar with had new light. I also get a kick out of the drink section at the end, not that I needed any excuse to pour myself some absinthe. I'm excited to see where this podcast goes!
Too chatty about opinions of story and laughing is distracting and annoying. Have to move on.
Intriguing, easy to listen to - just wish they were a little longer, but I'm selfish. :o)
I’m not usually into true crime but I’m really digging this series and look forward to it every week. Thanks y’all
Love the content and the hosts but they need to work out the problems: lots of extended pauses, hokey music, right now sounds amateurish.
I like the hosts, love their storytelling and the research that goes into these episodes. I struggle with the awkward gaps, spaces where the hosts are conversing and then just fall silent or music begins to play. Also, volume is an issue. There is one specific incident where I turned my volume all the way up to hear them and it just sounds like popcorn popping. I would think these issues would be resolved in the editing phase and may improve over time.
I like this podcast, but they insert sound effects and a soundtrack at really awkward times. I wish they’d stop that; it’s really distracting and takes me right out of the story.
Love your content and your style. Can’t wait for more.
I love this show so much!! It’s awesome to listen to at night for those late-night chills!
Trying to support the people I like as podcast hosts. I am enjoying this podcast. I love history and true crime and this combines both. I listen to stuff you missed in history class and this seemed like one of there other projects I could really get into. I was right. Nice job.
Needs some work - one host sounds very nasally like she’s holding her nose as she speaks. Fake laughter like they’re forcing the banter, not natural at all to the extent it’s cringe worthy to hear. There’s potential here, but needs some work.


This might be great, but you forever lost me a minute and a half in with a straight-faced, “For me, [poisoning a dog] was the worst thing she could’ve done.”
Is like nails on a chalkboard. Content is good but I cannot take the louder woman’s voice. Omg.
I love the hosts and the research and content are entertaining and seem well done. The big detractor is that production is way off - which is surprising coming from “big names” like iHeartRadio and Holly Frei. Awkward pauses that should have been cut, fluctuating volume levels, sound effects that are distracting, too frequent, and too loud... there’s a section in episode 4, at around 22:43 where Maria is clearly talking to Holly, but we can’t hear Holly’s audio for multiple responses! Ack! This podcast has a ton of room to grow, and is fun to listen to, but there are too many production errors that would should be caught easily if someone was checking before release (I volunteer as tribute!). Tune up the production value and this would rank up with many of my faves. Side note - where the heck is your internet presence? I couldn’t find a Facebook group, a website, nada. You’re giving up easy advertising! I wanted to chat with others about the content, but couldn’t find anywhere online! Bummer.
So I love stuff you missed in history class, so I jumped at the chance to hear more. The episode on Julia was the first episode I listened to and I really enjoyed it.
I am a big fan of Stuff You Missed In History Class so I thought I would try this new podcast with Holly and was not disappointed. Very informative and fun to listen to. If you like history class you should love this one too!
Fun new podcast just in time for the start of fall and spooky season.
If you don’t like listening to smart AF women banter, you won’t like this podcast. I ADORE it! Well researched, hilarious, heartfelt, great chemistry - so much to love!
In these unprecedented times (the most annoying phrase ever), this podcast is just such a gem! Thank you for such a nice little shiny auditory sparkle!
The hosts have good chemistry but the name of the show is a bit cumbersome and the post production needs some serious work. There are gaps in the audio that create awkward sounding phrasing which disturb the listener experience and are ultimately disruptive. With so many other shows offering similar content, non-subtle mistakes are less likely to be tolerated.
I’m beyond grateful for the tweaks. As with many podcasts, this one started off a little rough. Now, with the fixes, it’s informative and fun and super-interesting. I love it. Truly. Thank you, Ladies! Keep up the great work. I sooooo much wanted to love this podcast, but alas.... I am a longtime fan of Holly’s from Stuff You Missed in History Class. I couldn’t get into it. The timing is off. The cheesy music in the background is distracting. The attempt at lightness comes off as fake. I’m not going to give up because, Holly, but I hope they work out the kinks soon. It would be a shame to waste this potential and opportunity for a great new podcast.
Really wanted to love it but the hosts just are awful.
Good content! Screechy voices, drop down a register Too much forced laughter. Ease up, relax
I usually listen to podcasts as I drive to and from work, the volume of this show fluctuates and I have to keep adjusting as I listen, it gets really loud during commercials sometimes too... anyways, I stopped after 2 eps. Hope they will improve.
Sexist garbage podcast