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If you really want some info about tech this is the guy to look up every time. He knows his stuff And I support his love for tech and family. Enjoy sometime with Rene
Rene has a great personality, a good presentation style and lots of tech knowledge - I love to listen to him
I have been listening to Rene Ritchie in other venues for several years now and I have always been impressed by his knowledge and insights into tech issues. I enjoy listening and learning from him in this new venue, but I do have one nit that caused me to drop this from 5 stars to 4. Put simply, he talks way too fast with veritably no break between stories. Typically, I listen to podcasts while walking or doing something else, so, it probably only has about 95% of my attention. I am fairly knowledgeable about tech, and listen to a lot of tech podcasts, but I sometimes find myself confused as he transitions from one item to another without a noticeable break. Several times I have found myself thinking “What?” and had to back up the podcast to find the transition point and understand that the subject changed. For instance, during his recent deep dives into WWDC topics, he once finished talking about iPadOS and I missed that he transitioned to talking about macOS (or was it the other way around?) Anyway, if he would slow down, and insert some noticeable breaks (stop, take a breath, whatever) I would enjoy this much more.
As I write this, I’m listening to Rene interview Walt Mossberg, a.k.a. “One of the greats interviewing the greatest.” Walt retired in 2017; Rene is fully active today, and thank god he is. Rene is a phenomenal reviewer and one of the most knowledgeable people in tech. This podcast reflects that.


By lrnano
A base consumer review of products technology relative toward everyday person. Highly recommended it.
Rene Ritchie’s podcast are the very best. If you are interested in tech you need to be watching
Rene delivers the latest tech reviews and information with a vast knowledge of the changing industry. Intelligent and concise statements about current and past technologies make him stand out from other podcasts.
Rene is the trustworthy voice in tech reporting, reliably timely, perfectly balanced, consistently informed. Godspeed on your new chapter, Rene.